Roots Blower Accessories

What are the key accessories of Roots blower accessories?

Roots Blower

There are a lot of accessories for Roots blower. Today, let’s talk about the accessories of Roots blower. Let’s have a look!

1. Bearing

Bearing is an important component of Roots blower. Many problems will lead to bearing failure. Therefore, when purchasing bearings, we should use better brands and high durability bearings.

2. Gears

The gear is the power transmission accessory of Roots blower. If the lubricating oil in the oil tank deteriorates or lacks lubricating oil, the gear will be more worn. If the roots blower is idle for a long time, the gear is easy to rust, and the idle roots blower should pay attention to this rust problem.

3. Impeller

There is a certain gap between the impeller and the impeller. If the clearance between the impeller is too large or too small, it will affect the parameters of the fan. If there is some oil on the impeller, it should be cleaned regularly to avoid the impeller being stuck.

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