Vacuum pumps of energy-saving fluorescent lamps production

Vacuum pump is used in the production of energy-saving fluorescent lamps

Everyone in modern society is enjoying the convenience of vacuum technology. For example, the secret to heating a kettle is to have a vacuum on the bottle wall, which reduces heat transfer to keep the temperature inside the kettle. The interiors of fluorescent lights, street lamps and car lighting are also in a vacuum that would otherwise be unable to emit light. Television, computer monitors and so on cannot do without vacuum. In order to improve the transmittance of glasses, cameras and camera lenses, vacuum technology is applied to optical films coated on surfaces. In the production of energy-saving fluorescent lamps, the vacuum degree of imported vacuum pump will be an important factor to determine the internal quality of the lamp. The luminescence principle of fluorescent lamps and the application of imported vacuum pump in fluorescent lamps have some theoretical basis.

Vacuum pumps of energy-saving fluorescent lamps production

The luminescence principle of fluorescent lamps

These two physical processes include gas discharge radiation and solid state luminescence of phosphors. First, the filament must first emit electrons in a vacuum or rarefied gas. These electrons collide with gas atoms under the action of an accelerating electric field, causing argon and mercury atoms in the lamp to ionize or excite. When the mercury atoms return to their original steady state, they emit energy in the following form: ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet (UV) light (main spectrum is 253.7mm) is induced by fluorescence. Powder, which causes phosphors to produce visible light.

Energy-saving fluorescent lamp is a kind of low pressure gas discharge light source. It has high luminous efficiency, remarkable energy-saving effect, good color performance, compact and beautiful appearance, good decorative effect and so on. At present, the general problem of household energy-saving fluorescent lamps is: (1) lamp tube life is not long, light attenuation; (2) Low luminous efficiency; The large light attenuation and low luminous efficiency are mainly related to the mass of phosphor in the tube. But there’s a problem. Usually, it is related to the whole production process, especially the final exhaust specification and the decomposition of the filament (oxide cathode). It has to do with activation.

The importance of vacuum in energy-saving fluorescent lamps Production of gas discharge light source is to fill a small amount of inert gas into the lamp, and inject a small amount of liquid mercury after the lamp is pumped to a certain degree of vacuum. Therefore, the initial vacuum requirement is easy to be ignored. The main research is how much gas is filled, which kind of gas is filled, the application of imported vacuum pump in fluorescent lamp, the initial vacuum degree is very important for gas discharge lamp. Resources.

Vacuum pumps

The manufacturer of imported vacuum pump will tell you how to improve vacuum during bulb exhaust

1. The vacuum exhaust system redesign and improvement of the system in the traditional use of 6 to 7 a two-way piston changes to use only four tee piston, so as to minimize the leakage rate of the piston, and make it thicker supervisor shorten the channels of the entire system, significantly improved the exhaust rate and vacuum degree, and the operation more convenient. In addition, in the process of exhaust and inflation, we consider as much as possible to reduce the lamp and the system dead Angle, so that the lamp in the effective exhaust time can achieve the highest vacuum, and charged gas as pure as possible. As far as possible.

2. Specifications for waste gas treatment have also been improved. A lot of work has been done in selecting the appropriate filament decomposition and activation specifications. In addition to pre-cleaning the filaments, the thickness, finish and uniformity of the electrophoretic carbonate are also improved. Strict rules.

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