Liquid ring vacuum pump selection guide

Liquid ring vacuum pump model description

Among them, 2BV represents the liquid ring vacuum pump, 5 is the type code, 11 is the nominal radius of impeller, and 0 is the nominal width diameter ratio code of impeller.

Liquid ring vacuum pump model description

Liquid ring vacuum pump selection example

① Design parameter point suction capacity: v = 100m3 / h, suction pressure: P = 40mbar

② Other parameters are the same as the curve closest to the design point ① in the standard state (see note)

③ In this case, it is 71v. Find out the corresponding product model according to the curve number (i.e. order number, but limited to standard type)

Note: the performance curve is obtained under the condition that the suction medium is 20 degree saturated air, the working fluid temperature is 15 degrees, and the exhaust pressure is 1013mbar.

The allowable performance difference is ± 10%. The left side of the figure shows the performance curve of the air injection pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump water temperature performance

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of commonly used pump now. Because it is often used in water, its water temperature performance has a great relationship with the use efficiency of the equipment, so in order to select the appropriate equipment, we need to have a general understanding of its water temperature performance, so as to ensure the use efficiency of the equipment.

The actual pumping speed of liquid ring vacuum pump can be calculated according to QT = q15k, k = (P1 PT) / (p1-p15), where:

1. QT – air volume at t ℃ (m3 / min) Q15 – air volume at 15 ℃ (m3 / min).

2. Suction pressure mmHg pt of liquid ring vacuum pump – saturated steam pressure mmHg when water temperature is t ℃.

3. P15 – saturated steam pressure mmHg K at water temperature of 15 ℃ – gas volume correction coefficient.
In a word, when we use the liquid ring vacuum pump at ordinary times, we should not only pay attention to the equipment parts of the pump body, but also understand its working performance, so as to avoid accidents in use, affect the production of the enterprise and shorten the use of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump selection guide

Liquid ring vacuum pump selection guide

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