Air blower for transmission of pure gas

The air blower has the transmission and the circulation gas ability, generally USES in the laboratory or the university, the scientific research room more.

Yesterday our sales staff received a phone call from a university in Beijing, which wanted to use a air blower as a carrier to transmit and filter the gas for later experiments.

Air blower for transmission of pure gas

Can learn the specific usage, need for single 220 v voltage, traffic is very small, small, in the range 1 to 100 litres of gas per minute, and learn about the pressure is not too big requirements, in the process of transfer resistance is very small, so, also ignored is mainly filtering gas must be clean, purity, the higher the better.

According to these situations, we recommend the smallest model to the customer, and the flow and pressure parts are sufficient for use. Because the pipes configured by the customer are relatively thin, the large size is not suitable, otherwise it will be seriously overloaded and add extra burden, which is also not ideal.

And install air hepa filter and pressure relief valve oh, in order to ensure the filtration of gas and additional air emissions, because the customer is using, flow is not fixed, there is a certain range, so pressure relief valve must be installed, in order to ensure a long time normal operation of the air blower.

From the customer’s point of view, in order to facilitate the use of the customer, the required connecting pipe fittings between the blower and the accessories are also configured by our company and delivered to the customer, which saves a lot of trouble for the customer, and fully solves the corresponding problems from the customer’s point of view.

The installation size and size of the blower also meet the requirements of the customer’s installation environment, and has been delivered for use.

Question tips:

How to prevent damage of high pressure blower impeller

The inner impeller of the high pressure blower is the core component of the blower. The reason why the blower can produce flow and pressure is that the motor drives the impeller to rotate and the gas is pressurized.

Although the blower impeller looks simple and straightforward, the rest of the production process is produced through a number of processing techniques and precision balance tests, these processes are not visible to the user, so the idea.

High pressure blower impeller internal damage, is the internal entered the impurities, which affected the rotation of the impeller, by internal clearance is small, sundry hindered the normal operation, high speed to collide directly with the impeller blade, its strength is very large, because the speed of 45 RPM, once in the debris after a collision, light person impeller smash hits, the person that weigh will have influence on the motor.

So how to prevent the impeller damage of high pressure blower?

As mentioned above, the reason is that there are sundry things inside the blower, which are sucked in through the entrance. Then we can start with the root of the disease, install a blower filter, and exclude the dangerous things to the blower in the initial state.

There is another case, which is relatively rare, is the bearing supporting the front panel is damaged, if the internal ball falls off, then it will cause the impeller height to drop, the blower impeller and the wall friction sweep hall, at this time the impeller blade is a large area of damage, or the blade is all knocked out, is the most serious one.

How shown below, the damage of bearing, ball bearing, thousands of blower impeller is damaged, need to replace the new impeller and the new bearing, the high pressure blower used bearings for high speed, high temperature resistant NSK bearings imported from if customer change into domestic brands or poor quality of bearing, not used for long, will be damaged. So be careful.

picture shows the damaged blower impeller

If in use, hear the running time is not normal sound, it will stop to check, to avoid more serious consequences, if the damage, time and effort also cost money.

picture shows the impeller of normal blower

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