Environmental protection industry pump

The source and environmental protection

As the “heart of industry”, the development of China’s pump profession in recent years has achieved remarkable results, no matter the level of technology, product function or quality have been greatly broken. Especially entering the new period of national economy, the expansion of environmental protection industry directly promotes the explosion of the pump mall, the pump mall has become an attractive 100 billion shopping mall blue sea.

National and local encouragement supports policy numerous landing, market demand surges, a variety of good elements superposition, in playing the clarinet of the category of the pump with each passing day together, also for the pump enterprise’s rapid development send blast of warm wind.

Over the past 20 years, China’s pump profession in the rapid development of social economy under the influence of the achievements are well known, but compared with foreign excellent enterprises, domestic pump valve enterprises in the market competitiveness is still in a position of disadvantage.

Around the world, actually it’s not hard to find, pump profession in our country to carry out the process, still in examing, stumbled: shortage of technical innovation ability, short of competitive enterprises, the shortage of technical personnel, the shortage of design theory and design method, and the appropriate contact part of the national economic security of high-end pump products are almost monopoly by foreign enterprises water pump.

Compared with some foreign brands, China’s pump enterprises are still in the “weak crown” year, seniority is still shallow. However, the birth of the tiger is not afraid of the rising sun.

Source and environmental protection experts around you.

Suitable for environmental protection industrial pump.

Environmental protection industry pump
Environmental protection industrial pump introduction

Environmental protection industrial pump as far as possible to reduce energy consumption, compared with the non-energy saving vacuum pump can also produce the same quantity and quality of the original products;

Electric effect management system (3 em – PR) energy saving technology, the traditional equipment is to use the wind door plank, the valve to control the air blower, water pump, circulating pump devices such as flow rate, design usually according to bigger output needs to consider, and practical application, the load is often affected by technological changes demand that makes most cases caused by the “big horse-drawn cart”, bring the unnecessary waste.

Environmental protection industrial pump through ac-dc-ac topological transformation, the three-phase AC rectifier out of smooth DC voltage, and then apply PWM control algorithm, DC voltage inverter into controllable AC voltage. According to the load demand, the unique energy-saving control software of AsinaNet is used to automatically calculate the ideal control curve and output the corresponding power to meet the load operation

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