Vacuum pump quality

The vacuum pump shall be determined according to the local power supply. Where there is three-phase power supply, the three-phase pump shall be selected generally. This is because the same specification of single-phase pump and three-phase pump, vacuum pump volume is small, light weight, light vibration, so the choice of three-phase pump is more economic. Vacuum pump has important advantages and characteristics in use, can play an important role and value in use, and help different users show important role.

Vacuum pump quality inspection

The motor of vacuum pump has water filling, oil filling and shielding structure, and water filling is widely used in general. Before using the water pump, two water injection hole bolts must be screwed off, one for water injection (without sand water), and the other for air discharge. After water injection, wait for about 15 minutes, and then add clean water after all the air in the motor cavity is discharged, until the water is full, then tighten the two water injection bolts. Keep the motor in a sealed state. After the motor is filled with water, the winding works in the water, and the insulation of the motor can be measured. The megger or megger must be used to measure the insulation resistance, but not the universal meter. Because the range of the universal meter is limited, the insulation resistance between the winding and the earth can not be measured clearly. After the insulation is qualified, test the water pump. If conditions permit, after the motor is filled with water, tighten the water injection bolt, and the pump can be electrified for test run in the water pool, but it can not be operated for a long time. If there is no condition, it can be idled in the well, but the time shall not exceed 3 seconds.

Vacuum pump parameters determination

The key point of selecting vacuum pump is to determine the flow and head of vacuum pump. The selection of pump flow should be adapted to the water supply and consumption of the water source and the economic conditions of the family, and specific problems should be dealt with. The best choice of the head required by the user is close to the head on the water pump plate, so the use can be economical and the efficiency can reach the highest. However, it is not required to be absolutely equal. Generally, if the deviation is less than 20%, it can work in a relatively energy-saving situation. If the selected pump lift is too small, the low lift pump is used for high lift work, that is, “small horse pulling cart”, even if the water can be pumped, the water volume will be very small; if the pump lift is too high, the high lift pump is used for low lift work, that is, “big horse pulling cart”, the flow will be too large during operation, and the motor will be overloaded And even burn the motor.


Vacuum pump quality

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