Intensive roots blower

Intensive roots blower product details
Dense three leaf roots blower adopts involute line, advanced and reasonable, high efficiency, excellent material, long life and low noise. It adopts forced lubrication, high pressure rise, small vibration, safe and reliable long-term operation. The main parts are processed by CNC equipment, with high precision and reliable operation. The shell wall plate adopts the middle split structure, which is convenient for maintenance. Compact structure, small size. Light weight, easy to use and maintain.

Intensive roots blower

Intensive roots blower

It is specialized in producing various types of dense roots blower, which can meet the needs of different users. The roots blower adopts advanced counter current noise reduction technology, with complete self-protection, good vibration isolation function for pipeline system and foundation, compact structure and easy installation.

Intensive roots blower main uses
It is mainly used in cement, sewage treatment, aquaculture, smelting, chemical industry, electric power and other industries. The transmission medium is air.

Intensive roots blower main uses

Intensive roots blower product features

1. The blower noise is low. The spiral structure is adopted at the inlet and outlet of the blower, so that the intake and exhaust of the blower are carried out gradually with the rotation of the rotor, thus avoiding the pulsation and noise generated by the instantaneous opening and closing of the old blower, so the operation is stable and the noise is low. Advanced sound absorption material and special structure are adopted in the muffler, which can effectively reduce the noise of the blower.

2. Dense roots blower runs smoothly without vibration. The company adopts the advanced special machining center for impeller processing, which makes the meshing clearance of the rotor uniform and uniform, and forms a balanced state. On this basis, the rotor has undergone more precise dynamic balance experiments, making the fan running sound less.

3. High efficiency and low energy consumption. The rotor of the blower is specially designed, and the meshing curve is an advanced composite profile, which has good sealing, less leakage and further improvement of volumetric efficiency.

4. Long service life of dense roots blower. After a long time of professional grinding, the accuracy reaches level 5, and the tooth surface is more wear-resistant. The bearing adopts double row roller imported bearing with large bearing capacity. Therefore, the service life of the blower is improved.

5. The output air is clean. The blower adopts special structure design to avoid oil substances entering the casing, so the output air does not contain any oil.

6. Standardized production. All blower products, including accessories, have achieved standardized design and production, good interchangeability and versatility, and meet the purpose of high quality, low cost and mass production.


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