Coal mining pump

In order to improve the coordination ability and efficiency of equipment, vacuum pump equipment and its configuration are gradually serialized and complete to better meet the needs of safe production in coal industry, and the future development direction of vacuum pump products. With the development of coal industry technology, the design of mining pumps for various applications in this field has been improved, which has made an important contribution to the safety, energy saving and environmental protection of coal industry. In the design and manufacture, the application advantages of coal mining pump in coal chemical process are highlighted.

Typical coking plants usually include coal preparation workshop, coking workshop, recovery workshop, tar processing workshop, benzene processing workshop, desulfurization workshop and wastewater treatment workshop. Coalbed methane can be used to synthesize raw materials for many chemical products, such as ammonia, methanol or formaldehyde. Coal chemical pump is a device to solve this process problem, such as decompression, pressurization and synthetic distillation.

What are the advantages of coal mining pump in coal chemical process?

Configuration is safe and reliable: The gas separator designed by the water ring pump is specially designed, and the vacuum compressor unit composed of relevant instruments ensures that the pumped gas is leak-free. Because water or other liquids are used as the working fluid, it can take away the heat of compression and connect to the isothermal compression process, which is especially suitable for the extraction and pressure transportation of flammable and explosive gases.

It has its own explosion-proof characteristics: in order to meet the needs of coal industry safety production, the service of the coal industry is more professional. The design of coal chemical pump has the characteristics of fire extinguishing and extinguishing seedlings. Therefore, the use of coal chemical pumps as gas emissions and transportation eliminates explosion-proof devices. Such facilities, this advantage is very obvious, mainly reflected in:
1. Simplification of facilities;
2. Water saving;
3. Reduction of monitoring points;
4. Complete explosion-proof function. The patented vacuum one-way valve is located between the suction port and the system of the vacuum pump. When abnormal shutdown occurs, the system and vacuum pump can be completely automatically switched over, with the function of preventing backwater and tempering.


Coal mining pump structure principle :

The pump body is equipped with appropriate amount of water as working fluid. When the impeller rotates clockwise, the water is thrown around by the impeller. Because of the centrifugal force, the water forms a closed ring which is approximately equal in thickness depending on the shape of the pump chamber. The inner surface of the lower part of the water ring is just tangent to the hub of the impeller, and the upper inner surface of the water ring is just in contact with the top of the blade (in fact, the blade has a certain insertion depth in the water ring). At this time, a crescent-shaped space is formed between the hub and the water ring of the impeller, which is divided into several small cavities equal to the number of blades by the impeller. If the lower part of the impeller is 0 degree as the starting point, the volume of the small chamber increases from small to large when the impeller rotates 180 degrees, and is connected with the suction port on the end surface. At this time, the gas is absorbed, and at the end of the suction, the small chamber is isolated from the suction port; when the impeller continues to rotate, the small chamber becomes smaller and compresses the gas; when the small chamber and the exhaust port continue to rotate, the gas is compressed. When connected, the gas is discharged out of the pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are widely used in various fields of vacuum engineering, including industrial production and research and development, and can be used to manufacture rough and medium vacuum environment.

The individualized characteristics of coal mining pump are obvious: in view of the safety requirements of coal mine gas outburst and coal and gas outburst, the development and production of marine gas pump can effectively solve the above problems.

The main characteristics of coal mining pump in coal chemical process are as follows:
1. Small size, flexible movement;
2. Perfect protection measures;
3. Special requirements of underground coal mines;
4. Can be pumped with a large amount of water vapor and small solid. Particle gases are stronger.

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