Roots Vacuum Pump System in Chemical Industry

Vacuum pump is a common equipment in chemical production. It mainly pumps the containers to obtain and maintain vacuum. Vacuum pumps and other related equipment constitute a vacuum system, which is mainly used for process control in chemical production or for conveying materials in closed pipelines from one place to another. At present, the main vacuum pumps used are horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump.

In the use process. The vacuum pump has some defects. Because in the process of chemical process control, the requirement of vacuum degree is always from low to high with the reaction proceeding, and the motor of the vacuum pump always works at rated power. If the reaction is started, giving the pumped system a higher pumping rate will cause large organic solvent sites in the reaction system on the one hand. On the other hand, it is difficult to control the operation. The phenomenon of “blanking” often occurs.

If a lower vacuum is to be obtained at the initial stage of the reaction, it is often solved by opening the vent valve on the vacuum buffer cylinder at a certain angle. Therefore, the noise of the production site is very high because the vacuum pump sucks a lot of air. At the same time, the power of the motor is not fully utilized, which results in the waste of electric energy.


With the continuous development of economy, Roots vacuum pump system has also developed rapidly, Roots vacuum pump system has been widely promoted and applied.

At present, almost all large-scale or small-scale high and medium vacuum systems at home and abroad are equipped with Roots pumps in order to shorten the pumping time and improve production efficiency. Therefore, Roots pumps must try to enter the international market on the basis of occupying the domestic market. In this way, the vibration and noise of domestic Roots pumps must be further reduced and solved thoroughly. The oil leakage problem of the shaft seal can improve the appearance quality of the pump and improve the smoothness and cleanliness of the pump.

In order to meet the requirements of different limit vacuum degree, this kind of pump can be used in series. In general, an air-cooled direct-discharge air Roots pump is added in front of the Roots vacuum pump system, which achieves an order of magnitude higher limit vacuum than that of the front-stage pump. Because there is no working medium in the pump chamber, this kind of pump is actually a dry pump. At present, this kind of air-cooled direct-discharge Roots pump and its unit have been tested by long-term operation in petroleum, chemical, plastic, pesticide, steam turbine rotor dynamic balance, aerospace space simulation and other devices, so Roots vacuum pump system has been widely promoted and applied.

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