Liquid ring vacuum compressor suppliers

The company is professional vacuum pump manufacturer specializing in producing and supplying full range of 2BV and 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum compressor and vacuum pump parts for pump maintenance.All our pumps are 100% interchangeable with Siemens both in dimension and performance.
2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump and compressor are the high efficiency save energy products of our company. It is based on years of scientific research results and production experience, and combined with the advanced technology of imported products. It is usually used to pump gas without small solid particles, insoluble in water, and corrosion-resistant gases, so that the formation of vacuum and pressure sealed containers.

Comparing with the SK, 2SK, SZ series water ring vacuum pumps, the 2BE series products are the ideal replacements pump due to its high vacuum, low power consumption, and steady running reliability.

It can also be used to inhale corrosive gases or to change structural materials as operating fluids. Therefore, it is widely used in papermaking, chemical industry, stoneization, light industry and other industries, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and construction materials, stone tools, coal washing, ore and fertilizer.
3726 Due to its competitive price and higher performance, our pump is best choice for Siemens and some Italy pump .

All our pumps are interchangeable with Siemens and NASH both in dimension and performance.Most of our customers use our pumps to replace existing Siemens and

Nash pumps.Some customers also purchased our spare parts for the maintenance of the original Siemens pump.

2BE1 series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are new products with high efficiency and economical power.

It is a single-stage and single-acting structure, which has the advantages of compact structure and compact structure.Convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and power saving.

Compared with SK and 2SK, SZ series water ring vacuum pump has been widely used in our country.The 2BE Series is an ideal replacement for high vacuum, low power and operational reliability.

Due to our high quality and competitive price , our pump are widely used for original Siemens and Nash pump replacement in Mining industry, Electric power industry, petro chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, environment industry, food and beverage industry, Marine Industry and other general industry process.

3726 Due to its competitive price and higher performance, our pump is best choice for Siemens and some Italy pump .With our high products quality and good services, we have got the CE certificate for our products.

Welcome client from home and abroad to contact us for future cooperation.I am very confident that we are the right partner you are looking for.

Liquid ring vacuum compressor

Liquid ring vacuum compressor suppliers

Liquid ring vacuum compressor of application and characteristics

This series of pump adopts the structure form of single stage and single action, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and can adapt to the bad working conditions such as large displacement and load fluctuation. The exhaust system of 2BE series vacuum pumps adopts unique poly-four valve plate structure (raw water ring pump is ball valve structure). The valve plate covers the air vent outside the flat disc, and is positioned by the stainless steel baffle on the other side. The valve plate changes its bending degree with the change of inlet pressure, so that the pumping medium can be discharged from the pump when the inlet pressure is reached. The structure avoids over compression in vacuum system, and can automatically adjust exhaust area to reduce energy consumption, so as to achieve high operating efficiency.

We have optimized the system design for the key parts, such as the distribution plate, impeller and pump shaft, simplified the structure, improved the performance, and realized energy saving. We adopt the welding impeller, the blade is pressed and shaped once, and the profile line is reasonable. Wheel full processing, fundamentally solve the problem of dynamic balance. Impeller and pump shaft adopt thermal installation interference fit, reliable performance, smooth operation. After the impeller is welded, the heat treatment of the overall operation is good, and the blade has good toughness, so that the impact resistance and bending resistance of the blade can be basically guaranteed, and can adapt to the adverse working conditions of load impact fluctuation. 2BE series pumps are equipped with air-water separator, exhaust ports are set in multiple locations, exhaust valve maintenance window is set in pump cover, clearance between impeller and distribution plate is adjusted by gland cover at both ends of positioning shaft, which is easy to install and use, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

I plant vacuum pump in the factory before the inspection center, strict inspection and testing, superior reliable and durable performance.

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