Saudi Arabia vacuum pump

EVP Saudi Arabia vacuum pump advantage

The company has a strong technical force, rich production practice experience, advanced production testing equipment and strict quality management, to ensure the quality of long-term stability, perfect after-sales service system. The company’s main products are screw vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump and various vacuum units, in order to meet the special requirements of different customers, our company’s technical staff can also customize products.

Today, we mainly introduce the screw vacuum pump supplied in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia vacuum pump

With the continuous innovation and development of industrial chemical technology, the requirements of chemical process cleaning and environmental protection emission become more and more urgent. Some old vacuum pumps, such as oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, etc., the consumption of vacuum pump oil, the emission of soot, and the pollution of vacuum process medium, make it more and more unable to keep up with the development of chemical technology, some production processes must use a clean and pollution-free vacuum pump.

Screw vacuum pump is an ideal vacuum pump type, the development of more perfect, high efficiency, and can achieve the wide application of large pumping speed, is worth vigorously promoting the vacuum pump. There are great advantages in replacing oil – and liquid-ring vacuum pumps in some production processes.

Screw vacuum pump structure of principle

The screw vacuum pump is of vertical structure, with air inlet at the top, air outlet in the middle and motor and lubricating oil pool at the bottom. The screw rotor is hollow and is supported by cantilever. The synchronous drive gear is located under the bearing bearings. The frequency conversion motor is connected with the active rotor through the coupling, and the gas path of the pump is short, and the vertical structure is more favorable to eliminate the dust gas. Pump shell with water cooling, pump maintenance is also convenient.

Screw vacuum pump choose appropriate simple screw tooth section, then its advantage is simple manufacturing, can ensure high machining accuracy, and easy dynamic balance. According to its working principle, we can clearly realize that dry screw vacuum pump is one of the advantages of high vacuum, low power consumption, energy saving and maintenance free.

Screw vacuum pump application process

1. Electrician: transformer, transformer, epoxy resin vacuum pouring, capacitor vacuum immersion oil, vacuum pressure immersion.

2. Industrial furnace: vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering, vacuum annealing, vacuum pressurized gas quenching, vacuum dehydroxyl, etc.

3. Vacuum coating: vacuum evaporation coating, vacuum magnetron sputtering coating, film winding continuous coating, ion plating, etc.

4. Metallurgy: special steel smelting, vacuum induction furnace, vacuum desulfurization, degassing.

5. Aviation and spaceflight: spaceflight carries out vacuum simulation tests such as the orbital module, re-entry module, rocket attitude adjustment module, space suit, astronaut space exit module and aircraft takeoff.

6. Drying: vacuum drying by pressure transformation method, drying by coal and oil tank, drying by wood, freeze-drying by vegetable.

7. Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry: product distillation, drying, degassing, material transportation, etc.

Installation and debugging

Your expectations:

Are you looking for a secure professional installation solution?

Our “installation and commissioning” service will install and debug vacuum pumps and vacuum systems anywhere in the world according to professional standards. The professional installation we perform is not just about assembling and connecting vacuum pumps or vacuum systems.

During installation, we will also check configuration parameters to ensure that all system components are working properly. Our installation service will be considered complete only when everything is in good working order and in accordance with the predetermined specifications.

By completing the installation, the system is used to the maximum during its service life

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