Liquid ring vacuum pump information

The liquid ring vacuum pump is this kind of crude vacuum pump. The limit vacuum pump it can get is 3000-5000sa, and the tandem air ejector reaches 280-670sa. Liquid ring vacuum pump can also be used as refrigeration compressor, which is called liquid ring refrigeration compressor. It belongs to the bottom pressure refrigeration compressor, and its working pressure category is 1 ~ 2 × 106sa gauge working pressure.

Most of the compressed air is isothermal, that is, the whole process of compressed air temperature change is not big. Because there is no friction surface of metal material in the pump cavity, it is unnecessary to carry out moistening in the pump, and the damage is not big. The sealing between the rotating part and the fixing card can be carried out immediately by the water seal. The breathing is well proportioned, the work is stable and reliable, the use is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient.

Vacuum problems of liquid ring vacuum pump equipment

After a long time, the vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump is reduced due to many conditions such as large damage gap, blocking and slow speed ratio between parts and equipment, which makes the liquid ring vacuum pump equipment not fully play its original characteristics.

The water supply of liquid ring vacuum pump is insufficient. Part of sealing filler leaks steam. The tilting of the rolling bearing causes the collision and friction between the centrifugal impeller and the side cover, resulting in scuffing and steam leakage. As the circulating water warms, the temperature rises. The liquid ring vacuum pump or the current carrying part of the pipeline is blocked. The gap between centrifugal impeller and side cover is too large.

Therefore, the reduction of vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump will endanger all normal production and manufacturing work, there will be different solutions, and reasonably prevent the recurrence of this problem.

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Liquid ring vacuum pump information

Liquid ring vacuum pump information

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