Water ring vacuum pump for environmentally friendly pulp packaging industry

The pulp packaging industry is an environmental protection industry, which can be recycled and reused, while the water ring vacuum pump is an important equipment necessary for the production of pulp packaging.

Due to the large amount of water (about 50%) in the suction gas in this industry, there are two problems in the use of traditional water ring vacuum pumps (such as sz, sk):
1.Directly using, super high current, easy to cause broken shaft or wear
2.Adding a gas-water separator in front of the pump, manual operation requires staff operation, automatic use will cause the solenoid valve or pneumatic valve to fail due to the easy clogging of the pulp, and the investment is relatively large In response to this situation.

EVP has developed a 2BE water ring vacuum pump, which uses an internal cavity split device to ensure that the 2BE water ring vacuum pump can smoothly pump out gas containing a large amount of water. Solved a major problem in the environmentally friendly pulp packaging industry.

Water ring vacuum pump for environmentally friendly pulp packaging industry

Water ring vacuum pump’ packing ring
Water ring vacuum pump packing rings are now available in different materials such as copper, stainless steel, PTFE, OAK, cast iron, etc. The packing ring is used in the water ring vacuum pump to adjust the packing cooling water to reduce the friction temperature between the packing and the shaft. Adjust and stabilize the amount of water entering between the packing and the shaft, as well as the functions of lubrication and sealing. The packing ring made of copper will not damage the shaft, has stable properties, can adapt to high temperature and pressure, is corrosion resistant, does not deform, does not chemically react with the medium, and is not affected by the working environment. However, cast iron does not have anti-corrosion properties. It will chemically react with acid and alkaline media, and is not suitable for use in acid-base media; the filler ring made of cast iron will easily rust under the influence of water and air oxidation for a long time. The rust falling off and accumulating block the water inlet so that the filler cooling water cannot pass through, causing the filler temperature to be too high, and the pump shaft is easy to wear. As a result, the performance of the pump is reduced, production is affected, and benefits are affected! The packing ring used in the water ring vacuum pump is made of copper. After 20 years of professional manufacturing and good feedback from customers, it has also been verified that the copper packing ring is a guarantee of good pump quality! 20 years have been from the customer’s standpoint for customers to consider.

Water ring vacuum pump

What effect will the water ring vacuum pump shaft have without quenching and tempering treatment?

At present, due to fierce market competition, sand manufacturers have to reduce production costs in order to grab the market at low prices. The processing technology of the original water ring vacuum pump shaft is blanking → rough machining → quenching and tempering → finishing → grinding bearing position

However, many sand manufacturers use ordinary steel, and the processing is changed to one-time processing
① saving material costs
② saving processing costs
③ short construction period

However, due to the lack of quenching and tempering treatment, the shaft toughness and elasticity are insufficient, but after a period of use, the water ring vacuum pump rotor becomes bow-shaped, the noise during use will gradually become larger, the vibration will be large, and then the water ring vacuum pump bearing will be damaged or the shaft will be broken.

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