Two-Stage Oil Rotary Vane Pump

Two-stage oil rotary vane pump principle and precautions!

There are many kinds of vacuum pumps. When you choose again, I do not know if you have chosen the principle and considerations of each pump. Then it introduces the principle and precautions of two-stage oil rotary vane pump:

Two-Stage Oil Rotary Vane Pump

How does the two-stage oil rotary vane pump work?

The two-stage oil rotary vane pump is made of ferrous metal and is relatively accurate. The entire pump operation is interrelated and therefore not suitable for removing oxygen-containing, toxic, explosive etched ferrous metals. Nor can it be used as a compressor or delivery pump for various gases that chemically react with vacuum oil. If you have a pump with a gas ballast, you can remove the condensate somewhere. Vacuum is the residual gas pressure in the pumping vessel. Partial pressure is our factory standard. The total pressure is an auxiliary standard. A thermocouple measures the total pressure of various vapors and permanent gases. The flowmeter can only measure the partial pressure of the permanent gas, so the values in the second table are different.

Two-Stage Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Two-stage oil rotary vane pump notes

1. It can run continuously for a long time under the conditions of ambient temperature 5~40℃ and inlet pressure less than 1330Pa.

2. If a gas ballast is installed, a certain amount of condensable gas can be removed, but oxygen is not suitable for removal. Oxygen is too high, toxic, explosive, corrosive to metals, chemicals not suitable for pumping oil. Reactions and gases containing particulate dust cannot be used as transport pumps.

3. The atmospheric pressure of inlet pressure to 6000 pa continuous working hours must not exceed 3 minutes, lest damage because of fuel injection or bad lubrication pump.

4. Oil level should be in the center of the mimeograph machine. If the oil level is too high, it will lead to oil filling. If the oil level is low, poor lubrication will result. The oil level is operated by the pump. It is best to replace the vacuum pump oil when the pump is running. In favor of replacement, the impurities in the pump chamber will be discharged as far as possible.

The above is the principle of two – stage oil rotary vane pump and detailed precautions.

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