Air compressor in textile industry

Air compressor in textile industry of application, understand!

Followed with the promotion of the national economy, the textile industry developed, the textile industry has become the biggest labor-intensive enterprises in our country, also is the backbone of the enterprise in our country, more and more textile process pneumatic screw air compressor has been adopted to complete, mainly used in the fiber conveyor, rubber roller pressure, mobile station, the jet stream processing, fluid control technology, cleaning parts, etc.,

The process of textile production is many, the process of compressed air requirements are not the same. Therefore, how to reasonably choose air compressor to meet the needs of each process, air compressor is an important factor related to whether the production of modern textile enterprises can be carried out normally. In the cotton spinning industry, air – jet loom is a kind of equipment with large air consumption in the textile industry. At the same time the air coating machine, loading machine also need to use compressed air. Air compressor is also used in chemical fiber industry for slicing dryer and material transportation.

Air compressor used in the textile industry

In order to ensure the normal operation of jet loom, the quality of compressed air used as filling insertion wrist is more important. The quality of compressed air directly affects product quality. To ensure the quality of air contraction, and to ensure that the air jet loom stable operation and conducive to the operation of the hygienic environment. The compressed air source that meets the needs of air-jet looms can be used for the process equipment of various textile processes only when it meets the needs of operating pressure.

In the textile production many links need to use compressed air, but each link of the compressed air quality requirements are different. But as long as the air source of the jet loom is satisfied, the gas demand of the entire production line can be satisfied basically. Considering the effect of far distance report of compressed air, the screw air compressor model with additional exhaust pressure of 0.8mpa can also meet the quality requirements of compressed air as air used in roll compression, splicing and instrumentation.

The textile industry is closely related to our daily life. The forming of cloth cloth in the textile mill requires a mature textile process, which is completed by using the aerodynamic force provided by the air compressor.

Air compressor used in the textile industry requirements

In the textile industry, air-jet looms require dry, oil-free compressed air. During the production process, the precision nozzles blow the compressed air onto the wire harnesses to form a vortex, which then gives the yarn shape, elasticity and elasticity. The pure compressed air supplied by the air compressor can guarantee the quality of the cloth products.

Quality requirements for compressed air used in air-jet looms:

1, water

Air-jet loom weft insertion with compressed air humidity ratio cannot be too high, otherwise the water will be separated in the compressed air line, condenses into water droplets, the tube wall from dust, adding pipe pressure loss footpaths, scroll air compressor and water droplets in the nozzle, affect the quality of eruption, reed, jet loom parts caused by corrosion, and thus the pressure of compressed air dew point shall be set under 4 ℃.

2. Oil content

The oil particles in the compressed air will contaminate the fabric and cause defects, and will stick to the nozzle outlet, affecting the nozzle’s jet force and jet flow trajectory, reducing the role of filling insertion, making filling insertion worse. Oil particles attached to the reed will make defects add, oil particles in the production workshop air will pollute the environment, endangering the health of workers. Thus, oil particles with diameters greater than 0.01 m should be filtered, and the maximum oil content should not exceed 0.1 mg/m.

3. Dust and toner

Because the air compressor mesh gap is very small, the air contains dust and carbon powder will accelerate the compressor wear, decline screw life, should be removed more than 1 m impurities, dust and carbon powder, the maximum dust concentration in the air should not exceed 1 mg/m. Among the three primary influencing factors, the oil content of the air is crucial to the selection and operation cost of the air compressor.

Air compressor in the normal operation, the need to understand some matters needing attention to use air compressor, so not only to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor can be prevented, but also to prevent the air compressor in the operation of unexpected circumstances, extend the use of air compressor life.

Air compressor in textile industry

Air compressor in textile industry

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