corrosion resistant vacuum pump application

In recent years, the application of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is more and more extensive. It is mainly used to transport corrosive or non allowed polluting media. So what is its application scope? Here is a detailed introduction:

1. Non ferrous metal smelting industry: especially suitable for the transportation of various acid solutions, corrosive pulp, slurry electrolyte, sewage and other media for hydrometallurgy of lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, rare earth, etc.

2. Chemical and other enterprises: clean liquid or slurry posts of various sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkali and oil.

3. Water treatment industry: pure water, high-purity water and sewage.

4. Iron and Steel Company: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid post of pickling system, sewage with impurities.

5. Transportation of corrosive liquid and coal slurry in coal industry and coal chemical industry; pump for coal preparation.

6. The corrosion-resistant vacuum pump can work continuously for a long time under the condition that the ambient temperature is 5-40 ℃ and the inlet pressure is less than 1330pa.

7. The corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping the gas with high oxygen content, toxic, explosive, corrosive to metal, chemical reaction to pump oil, and particle dust, nor for transporting the gas from one container to another for pumping.

The above is about the introduction of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump. The continuous working time of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump under the atmospheric pressure to the inlet pressure of 6000pa shall not exceed 3 minutes, so as to avoid pump damage caused by poor oil injection or lubrication.


Corrosion resistant vacuum pump structure:

1. The corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is composed of pump body, front and rear end cover, impeller, shaft and other parts.

2. The intake pipe and exhaust pipe are connected with the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump cavity through the suction hole and exhaust hole installed on the disc on the end cover. The impeller is fixed on the shaft with a key and installed eccentrically in the pump body.

3. The total clearance between the two ends of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is adjusted by the pad between the pump body and the disc. The clearance between the impeller and the front and rear discs is adjusted by the shaft sleeve pushing the impeller. The clearance between the two ends is uniform. The pump shaft and impeller above sk-12 are interference fit, and the clearance is determined by the front end positioning. The gap between the two end faces of impeller and the front and rear disc determines the loss of gas and its limit pressure in the flow from the air inlet to the exhaust port.

The unique structure of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is the guarantee of normal operation in high corrosion environment.

In addition, the mechanical performance, sealing performance, transmission performance, efficiency performance and other technical indicators of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump are stable. When you use the vacuum equipment, you need to comprehensively judge these technical parameters. We provide you with low-cost and high-quality corrosion-resistant vacuum pump.


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