Liquid ring vacuum pump designs

A new design method of two-stage single acting liquid ring vacuum pump is proposed. The performance test and the actual operation test show that the suction vacuum degree can reach 50 HPA, the maximum pumping capacity is 1700 m3 / h, the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump is large, and the limit vacuum degree is low, thus expanding the application scope of the domestic two-stage single acting liquid ring vacuum pump.

How to design structure liquid ring vacuum pump

The liquid ring vacuum pump operates stably and reliably, and its main features are small vibration and noise during operation. Among them, several main parts have a great impact on the performance of the liquid ring pump, so the selection of parts materials and processing methods are equally important in the production, and the reasonable design of the structure. Let’s take a look at the details:

1. The impeller shall be calibrated according to the national standard. The blade of the welding impeller is punched once and the hub is processed completely, which fundamentally solves the dynamic balance problem. The impeller and the pump shaft are fitted with a hot fitting interference fit, with stable connection and stable operation.

2. High precision bearing. Ensure accurate positioning of impeller and high stability during operation.

3. The internal gas pipeline adopts thick wall pipe, which reduces the generation of gas flushing noise.

It can be seen from the introduction that only by optimizing the materials and processing methods of parts can the produced liquid ring vacuum pump have the characteristics of small vibration and low noise, and the noise can be 10 to 20 decibels lower than that of similar products, which can protect the hearing of operators and will not affect the surrounding environment.

Liquid ring vacuum pump design parameter selection

The flow process in the liquid ring vacuum pump is much more complex than that in the general vane pump, and its complexity is shown in the following aspects:

(1) The liquid flow in the pump has a free surface. The shape of the surface and its velocity and pressure distribution depend on the phase line action of the liquid flow and the air flow, which is unknown. However, when analyzing the flow of liquid and gas, the velocity and pressure of the surface must be known as the boundary conditions, which is obviously a very difficult subject.

(2) The flow in the inter blade flow passage of the liquid ring pump is unsteady. The flow in the suction area flows from the inside out, and in the compression area and the exhaust area flows from the outside in. Therefore, if the flow analysis of the liquid ring pump is to be carried out, the unsteady analysis method must be adopted, which will greatly increase the calculation workload.

(3) In general vane pump impeller, the structure of flow field is periodic symmetry, that is, the flow in any inter blade flow channel is the same, so as long as one inter blade flow channel is analyzed, while in liquid ring pump, the flow in each inter blade flow channel is different, and the flow in each flow channel affects each other through the liquid ring outside the impeller, so the whole flow field must be connected As a whole, it will greatly increase the amount of calculation.

Liquid ring vacuum pump designs

Liquid ring vacuum pump designs

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