Corrosion Resistant Vacuum Pump

As for the continuous expansion of market development, the application ability of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is also gradually improving. In order to show the application effect of products, in the process of developing the basic products and continuously enhancing the application ability of products, the production enterprises have increased the advantage of the overall application and constantly promoted it in order to comprehensively raise the product price. Value ability, enhance the application effect of all aspects of the continuous promotion, according to the application advantages of products to reflect the continuous improvement of all aspects of performance, thereby further expanding the product application performance.

In order to expand the application performance of products in all aspects, it is necessary to strengthen the promotion of the overall superiority of products according to the application strength of all aspects, reflecting the real application value.

Corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is a kind of pump with corrosion resistance. According to the different use environment, the choice of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump is different, so it also has different products for people’s needs. Selection of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump. In the design of the equipment, the use and performance parameters of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump should be determined and the pump type should be selected.

1. Mechanical aspects require high reliability, low noise and low vibration.

2. Medium properties must be met.

3. Make the type and performance of the selected corrosion-resistant vacuum pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation allowance and suction distance of the device.

4. Correctly calculating the input cost of purchasing corrosion-resistant vacuum pump.

5. Select specifications and models according to the performance curve of the pump.

In the design of equipment, the use and performance parameters of the corrosion-resistant vacuum pump should be determined and the pump type should be selected. At the same time, when the suitable type can not be found in the performance parameter table, the pump type should be selected according to the performance curve of the pump.


Corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps can be used for pumping air and other corrosive gases without solid particles, or for pumping various organic or inorganic acids without suspended particles or crystals to form a certain negative pressure in sealed containers. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, metallurgy, electronics and other industries as vacuum suction, vacuum filtration, vacuum drying, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum distillation and vacuum crystallization, flue gas dedusting and desulfurization.

Because in the working process, the gas compression of this kind of pump is carried out under isothermal condition, so it is not easy to occur danger when pressing or sucking flammable and explosive gas, so its application is more extensive.

Corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps quickly occupy the market with the characteristics of high pumping speed, simple structure, environmental protection and so on. Many domestic enterprises want to produce them independently, but due to the limitations of technology, such products are bound to become the mainstream.

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