Roots blower anti corrosion and rust removing methods

The working environment and conveying medium of Roots blower are the two main causes of corrosion. Therefore, roots blower should not be installed in the environment with high air humidity; secondly, for the corrosive medium, we should communicate with the manufacturer in advance to select a suitable material roots blower.

1. External rust removal: protect the external structure of the fan, including the paint on the outside of the casing. If the paint surface falls off due to external reasons, spot spraying can be carried out.

2. Internal derusting: if there is rust inside the roots blower, it can only be disassembled, and then the rusted parts can be removed. If the corrosion is serious, it should be treated in time to avoid affecting the mechanical accuracy of Roots blower.

3. Parts to rust: for Roots blower rusty parts, can be polished, and then spray some butter. If the corrosion is serious, replace the parts first, and then apply grease.

4. For the internal corrosion caused by corrosive gas, we can remove the inlet muffler after roots blower has been used for a period of time, and observe the impeller through the connecting hole between the casing and the inlet muffler. If there is serious corrosion, overhaul can be carried out and anti-corrosion materials can be sprayed.

Different rust removal methods are adopted for different parts of Roots blower. For example, rust is found on the surface of the fan. When the paint on the fan surface falls off, rust occurs. In order to reduce the area of rust, we need to carry out physical rust removal, grinding and then anti rust treatment. Which parts of environmental roots blower are easy to rust? Firstly, it is the surface of the casing, then the bolt, and then the base and groove. These places are easy to store water, so it is easy to rust. Should impeller be replaced or repaired?

The rusty parts of Roots blower may have many places, such as the interior of the casing and the gear, etc., which may cause rust. For the rust of these parts, we can only dismantle the environmental protection roots blower, and then deal with the internal rusty parts. If the rust is serious, the parts need to be smoother, such as gear rust, gear rust The fan needs to be disassembled for rust removal or gear replacement according to the situation. Due to the gap problem in the fan interior design, as long as the internal rust seriously affects the normal use of the fan, many customers still choose to replace parts or re purchase. Sometimes the air volume deviation caused by rust is too large or abnormal conditions occur frequently, so the fan needs to be overhauled, not just rust removal.

First of all, the gas transported by roots blower can not be pure dry air. As long as there is a certain amount of moisture, roots blower may rust; Secondly, roots blower internal and external will be antirust treatment, because of years of use, may appear rust layer fall off or loss, it may cause rust. Finally, the cause of Roots blower rust is that the equipment is idle for a long time, roots blower is idle for a long time, and the interior will be eroded by rust.

No matter what kind of cause of rust, no matter which part of the rust is rusty, to reduce the damage of rust, what we need to do is to constantly carry out maintenance, which is the fundamental method. We can solve the problem of Roots blower rust through the above methods. If you want to know more about roots blower, please pay attention to us.

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