Blower in water purification equipment system

For the water treatment plant system, the blower uses the process of removing pollutants from the water from the urban or industrial origin. Technically, the expansion and right pressure and production basin oxygen are used. Through this process, it is possible to remove pollutants from raw water and obtain purified water for general domestic consumption or industrial use. What are the advantages over other applications? Reduce costs, including noise, location and minimal maintenance.

Blower in water purification equipment system

Selection of blower

The performance of the blower is the basis for the reasonable selection of the blower. So, what are the selection methods of blower?

(1) Selecting blower by blower performance table
This method is the same as using the pump performance table to select the pump. Although it is simple and convenient, it can not accurately determine the working condition of the blower device. This method is also only suitable for the selection of single working condition blower. It is difficult to compare the selection and solve the problem of working condition adjustment.

(2) Selecting the blower by using the performance curve of the blower
This method is the most basic and simple method to select water pump with pump performance curve. This method is convenient for analysis of working condition regulation and determination of regulating parameters. The comparison of performance curves is poor.

(3) Using dimensionless performance curve of blower to select blower
The dimensionless performance curve of blowers represents the dimensionless performance parameters of series blowers of various types and different machine numbers. In order to narrow the selection range, first select the speed of the blower (try to select a higher speed under possible conditions, but the wear problem of high speed should be considered for the boiler induced blower and dust blower). Calculate the specific speed of the blower. Then the dimensionless curve of centrifugal blower is found by the value, and the blower which is closest to the calculated specific speed and has higher efficiency is found as the selected blower type.

(4) Selecting blower by performance selection curve of blower
This is the most commonly used method in blower selection. The selection curve is a series of lines drawn on the logarithmic coordinate diagram of the relationship between the total pressure, power, speed and flow of each blower with the same similar series and different impeller diameters

(5) According to the performance curve and pipeline performance curve of the selected blower, considering the system pipeline layout and blower operation mode, the device operation conditions and blower operation parameters are illustrated. If it is necessary to adjust the operating conditions, the adjustment conditions shall be illustrated according to the adjustment methods adopted, and the corresponding regulating condition parameters shall be determined. In order to determine the most reasonable adjustment method, the economic analysis of different methods should be carried out.

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