United States scroll pump

The U.S. scroll pump is the industry’s leading dry sealed scroll pump that can be easily assembled into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems. The small size of the single-stage pump, with a pumping speed of 110 l/min (60 Hz) and ultimate pressure of 50 mtorr (0.07 mbar), makes it ideal for many end-user applications.

The U.S. scroll pump meets the requirements of European Union certification (CE), Canadian standards institute certification (CSA) and Semi s2-0200.

United States scroll pump

How the United States scroll pump works

The working cavity of scroll vacuum pump is composed of a pair of conjugate vortex disc pairs. A vortex disk is a vortex disk with one or more involute spiral grooves on the surface. A static vortex disc and a dynamic vortex disc are interlocked and assembled together. The anti-rotation mechanism guarantees 180° phase difference between the dynamic and static discs. A pair of vortex disc pairs composed of such a pair constitute the pumping structure of oil-free scroll vacuum pump. The moving vortex disc and the moving vortex disc contact each other on several straight lines (several points in the cross section) to form several pairs of crescent shaped closed cavities. The moving vortex disc moves around the center of the vortex body of the static vortex disc under the drive of the crankshaft, and the contact point moves along the vortex surface to realize suction, compression and exhaust. Driven by the motor, a new set of crescent cavity is formed for each turn of the crankshaft, so as to realize the suction, compression and exhaust cycle of the scroll vacuum pump, forming a containment and forced delivery of the extracted gas.

United States scroll pump features:

Low temperature operation
1/4 – horsepower motor, low power consumption
Built-in exhaust valve, low noise level
The movable vent provides more flexibility for limited space
High pumping speed (110 l/min) under high pressure, can quickly reduce pressure
Light and easy to handle
Built-in fail-safe isolation valves provide protection for vacuum systems
The universal 100-230 VAC power supply is easy to install worldwide

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