How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump

When you buy products, from large-scale equipment to small household goods, one of the common points is that you pay great attention to its advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for water ring vacuum pump. Bad equipment not only affects normal use, but also affects mood. You all want to buy satisfactory products in one step, so how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump ?

1. In general, the product packaging of regular manufacturers is relatively regular, and the handwriting is clear. In addition, there should be detailed product name, factory name, trademark, specification and model, factory address and telephone number. In general, the packaging of inferior products is rough, and the factory address is not printed clearly and completely.

2. Qualified products shall have smooth surface and fine workmanship. The more important the parts are, the higher the machining accuracy and the more strict the anti rust and anti-corrosion. During selection, if the parts are found to have rust spots or lose elasticity, the rubber parts are cracked or the surface of the journal has obvious processing lines, it may not be the original parts.

3. The appearance of poor water ring vacuum pump can’t see any difference, but it is easy to be damaged due to poor manufacturing process. At this time, it is necessary to observe the concealed parts such as the corners of the accessories to see the quality of the accessories.

4. The purchased spare parts can be installed on the car to see if they can be well included. Generally, the original parts can be well matched, while the poor parts have a large processing error because of the poor technology, so it is difficult to match the parts well.

5. Qualified equipment parts should be complete and in good condition, so as to ensure its normal operation. But sometimes the lack of small parts will easily lead to the difficulty of loading. This kind of parts may be fake parts.

6. When the equipment is delivered from the factory, it is generally provided with instructions, certificates and other certificates to guide the user in use, installation and maintenance. Generally, there is no detailed installation instructions for counterfeit equipment.

The above is about the methods to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump. When selecting equipment, you can refer to these methods. Sometimes pay attention to some small details, and you can see its flaws, so as to ensure the eligibility of the equipment to meet the production needs.


How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of water ring vacuum pump

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