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Long experience and expertise in mining and mining applications of different raw materials to become a reliable supplier of mining pumps for these industries. Understanding of customer processes, study of corrosion and wear characteristics of media and specific flow requirements, combined with our leading materials technology, ensures the best solution for each plant.

Conditions in mines are harsh, both above and below ground. In addition to soil, mud, stones and rocks, there is also a large amount of water that needs to be discharged to keep the production running. Mining pumps and other engineering equipment can run stably in harsh mining applications. Durability and good performance are the key factors.

Applicable to mining pump suppliers.

Mining pump supplier

Said products

I. purpose of mining pump

CL type suction row was going water ring vacuum pump water ring vacuum pump to absorb the advanced technology and develop new product has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving products of this series are widely used in chemical industry, coal, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, paper making, light industry, mining, power generation, food industries especially suitable for the poor working environment, such as dehydration treatment in papermaking industry and mining of the vacuum filter, etc.

Mining pump characteristics

1. The structure of the straight self-suction and exhaust adopts the cone distributor, which is larger in section area and smaller in flow resistance compared with the axial suction and exhaust plane pump. The energy of the suction and exhaust channel is about 18% in the period of pumping air and 28% in the period of pumping saturated steam.

2. Both ends of the impeller are closed and rigid.

Description of mining pump model

The last number of CL model represents one of the three cone forms, such as CL2000 type CL2001 type represents low vacuum, CL2002 type represents medium vacuum, and CL2003 type represents high.

Mining pump selection pump

Working range of pump

(1) low vacuum pump suction pressure range: 800-400hpa(absolute pressure)

(2) the vacuum pump suction pressure range is 450-240hpa. (pabs)

(3) high vacuum pump suction eight pressure female scope is 270-80hpa. (pabs)

Note that if the suction pressure is between the two vacuum pumps, either one can be selected. If the suction pressure is 280mbar, a medium vacuum pump or a high vacuum pump can be selected.

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