Rotary vane vacuum pump in paper bag production

Rotary vacuum pump in paper bag production of application

In recent years, many paper bag manufacturers have adopted rotary vacuum pump in the paper bag production application, the next content is our company’s analysis. Many paper bag production machines require a vacuum for various processing or processing tasks, and most processing machines require a vacuum for clamping, transporting, and making each paper bag. Paper bag manufacturers are advised to upgrade and save more than 50% of energy consumption by providing vacuum packaging with a separate rotary vane vacuum pump, as well as reap many other benefits.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in paper bag production

Paper bag machine is generally used white card paper, white board paper, copper board paper, kraft paper as raw materials to produce a variety of types of paper bags: including bag, cement bag, mulch paper bag, four-layer paper bag, clothing bag, food bag, shopping bag, gift bag and so on.

Why is rotary vacuum pump chosen in paper bag production?

Depending on the machine, the vacuum is used to hold or move the paper. In the past, heat emissions from used mechanical equipment have made production halls hot and contributed to deteriorating working conditions, especially during the summer months. It also means a higher level of noise, no oil is used for cooling and lubrication, but is equipped with self-lubricating carbon blades, and wear releases a fine carbon dust into the air that deposits around the vacuum pump. In addition, they need to be replaced regularly, which also leads to high costs. To avoid lengthy production downtime, spare vacuum pumps must be ready for use as almost all vacuum pumps are in operation during production. In order to solve the problem of energy consumption of vacuum pump, our company recommended punnock rotary vacuum pump. Punnock rotary vacuum pump has the advantages of fast pumping speed, small volume, light weight, low noise, convenient maintenance and high limit vacuum degree. It has reliable dustproof device. Other vane pump, when the debris through the dust device, can be connected into the pump chamber; It has the advantage of a compound screw with an oil inlet hole.

The rotary vane vacuum pump can remove the dry gas in the sealed container. If there is an air ballast device, a certain amount of condensable gas can be removed. But it is not suitable for removing gases that contain too much oxygen, are corrosive to metals, react chemically with pumped oil, or contain particulate dust.

paper bag production

Using advanced and efficient vacuum supply in paper bag production can save more than 50% energy. It can be seen that the application of German rotary vacuum pump in paper bag production has successfully realized a highly economical and reliable vacuum supply solution for paper bag manufacturers. Dongguan puno vacuum technology co., LTD is the first choice for dealers of genuine rotary vacuum pumps. Puno mainly deals in rotary vacuum pumps, piston vacuum pumps, miniature compressors, vacuum units, vacuum systems, etc. Meanwhile, it also provides professional maintenance solutions for vacuum pumps.

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