ZJ-12 vacuum gauge

Zj-12 ultra high vacuum ionization gauge is a kind of ionization gauge widely used in China at present. The gauge has compact design, simple structure, low power consumption, easy to degasses, stable and reliable measurement, wide range. In terms of service life, the regulator USES double filaments, which greatly increases the service life of the regulator. When one filament burns out, the other filament can be replaced immediately without affecting the normal use of the user. The other is the metal DN35CF flange.

ZJ-12 vacuum gauge


ZJ-12 vacuum gauge size

Main technical parameters:

Measurement range: 1×10-1-5×10-8Pa
Accelerating pole-to-ground potential: 200V
Cathode to ground potential: 50V
Collection of pole-to-ground potential: 0V
Emission current: 4X10-4-4×10-3A
Regulatory constant: 7.5×10-2PA-1 ±20%
Electron bombardment degassing: maximum power 30W
Baking temperature: not more than 400 degrees

Instructions for Use:

Check the regulatory vacuum at least 5×10-2Pa before opening
Regulate hammer placement whenever possible
If not used for a long time, use vacuum storage
The regulatory degassing vacuum shall be greater than 5×10-3Pa
For a good ultimate vacuum, the regulator must agree with the system to bake

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