Oil rotary vane vacuum pump in plastic industry

In the blister industry, the oil rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly used in the molding process of blister. The raw materials are cling to the abrasives by the suction generated by the vacuum pump, and then heated and softened to form the products. According to the thickness of materials, there are two categories: thick material and thin material.

How to choose vacuum pump in blister industry

When choosing vacuum pump in blister industry, the following two parameters are mainly used as selection reference:

Vacuum degree: the so-called vacuum degree is a kind of expression of air rarefaction, which is usually expressed in PA, MB bar, mmHg and other units.

After the Blister products are formed, most of the bubbles in the products are due to the vacuum can not meet the requirements, which leads to the defects of the products. Relative to the product size and other factors, the vacuum requirements are also different.

Flow: refers to the amount of fluid flowing through the closed pipe or effective section by vacuum pump in unit time, which is usually expressed by m3 / h, L / s and L / min.

Precautions for the use of oil rotary vane vacuum pump in blister industry:

Many users often neglect its maintenance. The vacuum pump, like other mechanical equipment, needs routine maintenance to give full play to its performance. We need to pay attention to the following points during maintenance:

1. Regularly observe the color of vacuum pump oil, if the color is brown, black, milky white, thick, it must be maintained.

2. If there is abnormal noise in the vacuum pump, stop the operation of the vacuum pump and check the cause of the noise.

3. The oil mist separator of the built-in vacuum pump should be replaced timely and regularly. Generally, it should be replaced once every 2000 hours to prevent smoke from the exhaust port of the pump due to the failure of the oil mist separator.

In general, a single suction machine is equipped with a single single oil rotary vane vacuum pump with a maximum suction capacity of 100 m3 / h

1. Vacuum degree: high vacuum degree of oil rotary vane vacuum pump.

2. Service life: epoxy resin glass fiber board is used inside the oil rotary vane vacuum pump, which is lubricated by lubricating oil, with long service life.

3. Noise: oil type rotary vane vacuum pump running noise is small.

4. Maintenance of oil rotary vane vacuum pump: lubricating oil and exhaust filter need to be replaced for oil rotary vane vacuum pump maintenance.

Equipped with oil rotary vane vacuum pump:

2XZ direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump

SV rotary vane vacuum pump

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