What is a two-stage water ring vacuum pump

The two-stage water ring vacuum pump uses the gas discharged from the first stage exhaust port to be inhaled by the second stage suction port, and then compressed and discharged by the second stage. The second stage is to reduce the first stage exhaust pressure, so as to improve the first stage suction limit vacuum. This is completely different from the ordinary water ring vacuum pump. Then the bearing, bearing bracket and cover are all made of stainless steel and aluminum bronze. The vacuum pump has anti-corrosion effect on pumping some acid or corrosive gas. It is widely used in resin production enterprises and chemical enterprises.

The two-stage water ring vacuum pump is mainly used to pump and transport air and other gases, especially for gases containing a large amount of water vapor and other corrosive gases, such as vacuum distillation, drying in the chemical industry, vacuum dehydration in the light textile industry and paper industry. When it is used as the front pump of the supercharger, it can greatly improve the scope of use of the supercharger.


two-stage water ring vacuum pump working principle:

By using the structure of pump casing and impeller installed in different ways, when the impeller rotates, it forms an eccentric water ring with the impeller, which is filled with water between the blades. With the rotation of the impeller, it continuously makes periodic back and forth movement between the blades, changes the volume in the middle of the blades, and under the corresponding coordination of fixed suction and exhaust ports.

The production of two-stage water ring vacuum pump in accelerating the application of its products to the actual production, constantly reflects the overall strength of the product, combined with the performance of its overall application advantage development, continuously promotes the embodiment of the application effect of the whole product, uses the advanced production and manufacturing capacity, speeds up the driving force of its overall advantage, and promotes the strength of the whole product with efficient quality and application strength The development has improved the productivity level of the equipment, accelerated the effect improvement of the whole quality performance, and effectively promoted the application ability of the product.

With the efficient production management mode, under the environment of actual processing and quality assurance, improve the driving force of the overall use of the advantages of the double-stage water ring vacuum pump, continuously improve the performance of its products, expand the effective development of its product strength, and under the premise of enhancing the overall advantage of the products, reflect the overall operation of the products with the efficient quality application strength According to the reliable product effect, the actual manufacturing level of the enterprise will be improved continuously.

This has a good role in promoting the production of the two-stage water ring vacuum pump, and also drives the continuous promotion of the application effect in all aspects of the product, fully reflecting the overall advantages of the enterprise. On the basis of effectively combining the development of advanced technical strength, it has a higher performance improvement for the development of the product, reflecting the overall strength of the product.

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