Vacuum pump for bubble film

Rotary vane vacuum pump in bubble film of practical application

The packaging industry has a wide range of applications, from handling small bags with fragile items to stacking heavy boxes. Dongguan punok vacuum technology co., ltd. offers products that are well suited to the needs of the packaging industry, ranging from suction cups for small bags to vacuum conveying equipment and even ergonomic palleting equipment. They all share the same need to maintain high productivity while ensuring reliability. Mainly through this article to introduce the actual application of rotary vane vacuum pump in bubble film, bubble film is one of the packaging industry, but its existence is very important, so we must pay attention to it.

Bubble wrap or surface protection products are formed by heating and then removed in an attractive manner. In order to be able to construct the bubble film, the rotary vane vacuum pump is often used in a set of molds or a series of molds. When the mold cavity is evacuated, the top of the flat bubble film can be heated and/or pressurized to form a container space in the mold. Different vacuums can be used according to the details and characteristics of the bubble film. And then in some way — either by robot or by hand — the bubble wrap is moved into the carton. The industry is increasingly moving toward automation and robotics.

What are the advantages of bubble wrap?

Bubble film is also known as air cushion film, air bead film, bubble cloth, bubble paper, bubble film, bubble film, air cushion film. It is a kind of chemical product which is used for packing and filling. With good shock absorption, impact resistance, thermal bonding, non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, good transparency and other advantages.

In the bubble envelope production process is indispensable is the bubble film, the so-called air cushion film, is actually in the middle of the film contains a bubble sandwich film. This kind of membrane material is made of low density polyethylene resin extruded by extruder after melting, forming two layers of membrane extrusion in the forming mold; After one layer of the membrane is blister shaped on the vacuum roller, it is compounded with another layer of the membrane to form a whole. The latter is close to the open surface with the membrane bubble. This kind of composite film is an air cushion film. Additional, still have moisture-proof, shockproof and sound insulation and beautiful, prevent insect, prevent mildew, cheap wait for a characteristic.

Because the middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air, so the body is light, transparent, elastic, with sound insulation, anti-shock and anti-wear performance, widely used in electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, since the car shop, kitchen, furniture and lacquer products, glass products and precision instruments and other anti-shock buffer packaging. It can be made into bubble bag, bubble kraft envelope bag, automobile sun block, heat insulating cushion, heat insulating material and so on. By adding different additives in the plastic raw materials can be made more anti-static and other special air cushion film. Anti-static air cushion film is used for packaging electronic components, components, such as boards, CARDS, etc., to prevent static electricity and play a role of buffer and anti-vibration.

The practical advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump in bubble film

1. Rotary vane vacuum pump does not need long-term maintenance and is easy to install, greatly improving bubble film productivity

2. Energy saving function can be integrated

3. Quick extraction, easy to control the vacuum

4. The vacuum pump is small in size, light in weight, and can be placed very close to the suction point, greatly improving the flexibility and saving energy

5. Provide a variety of vacuum generators in different specifications to meet different vacuum requirements for different bubble film

Vacuum pump for bubble film

Vacuum pump for bubble film

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