Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump in photovoltaic industry

Solar photovoltaic power generation system is a new type of power generation system. It uses the photovoltaic effect of solar cell semiconductor materials to directly convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy, which is a renewable resource. In recent years, photovoltaic power generation is a green power development energy project strongly encouraged by the state.

The popularization of photovoltaic power generation has played a good role in environmental protection. According to the calculation of 22.242 million kilowatt hours of annual power generation, 7398.7 tons of standard coal, 22353.1 tons of carbon dioxide, 672.6 tons of sulfur dioxide and 336.3 tons of nitrogen oxide are saved on average. The environmental benefits are very obvious. What is the relationship between photovoltaic power generation and vacuum pump? Crystalline silicon is used to make photovoltaic cells, capture sunlight and convert it into energy, which is closely related to the development of vacuum technology. From the drawing of silicon crystal to the production of solar cell to the lamination of solar module, there is no vacuum in the manufacturing process. Whether you focus on crystallization or film coating. Providing customized vacuum solutions is a key factor in photovoltaic production.

The solar cell lamination process includes packaging the solar cell, connecting the front protection plate and the back protection plate at the same time. In order to obtain the best results, the dry scroll vacuum pump provides a very suitable vacuum pumping speed for this application. The film is a layer of material with thickness ranging from nanometer to several microns. In the past few decades, thin film technology has been improved, and reliable products are needed to achieve the best quality. For thin film deposition process, high performance dry scroll vacuum pump can be used to provide first-class vacuum equipment to meet the requirements of this application.


Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Performance Characteristics:

1. The pumped gas is discharged directly from the pump body, without water pollution and environmental pressure, which is conducive to gas recovery.

2. The working chamber and rotor surface have anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to the harsh working environment.

3. The influence of water temperature on vacuum degree is very small, which can save more than 90% water, even not water.

4. Single pump can be from atmospheric pressure pump to 1pA, and the vacuum system can be greatly simplified.

5. There is no medium in the studio, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

6. The gas is not compressed in the pump and is suitable for extracting condensable gas.

7. No friction between rotating parts, high-speed operation, small volume

8. It can be used in combination with roots pump molecular pump oil-free device.

9. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

10. No oil consumption, no water dripping.

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