Difference between dry screw vacuum pump and claw vacuum pump

Although dry screw vacuum pump and claw vacuum pump are both vacuum pumps, due to different working principles, there will be structural differences. In order to obtain the lowest possible pressure, the two vacuum pumps are divided into four stages, but the claw pump stage is separated from the stage through the diaphragm, and the screw vacuum pump is separated from the stage through the cross point of the screw, so there is a great difference between the two stages. How do we distinguish when we choose?

Differences in the use process:

1. The gas channel of the dry screw vacuum pump is short, and the gas transfer position between each stage is unchanged, which is conducive to the rapid discharge of the external gas of the pump, reducing the change of the gas and condensing in the pump, so as to facilitate the discharge of solid particles. Because of the stepped partition, the gas channel is long and curved, and the gas is easy to condense and block the channel.

2. The pump body and rotor of screw vacuum pump are single, which is easy to carry out anti-corrosion treatment. The step plate of claw vacuum pump is almost impossible to carry out surface treatment, and the corrosion coating on the rotor surface is easy to be damaged during the assembly process.

Differences in reliability:

1. Due to the existence of step plate, the rotor and pump shaft cannot be integrated, and the rotor is installed on the shaft. In order to facilitate the installation and disassembly, the fit should not be too tight, so it is easy to rotate the rotor after the rolling key and loosening operation. The shaft and rotor of the dry screw vacuum pump are integrally cast and formed, completely integrated, without assembly problems.

2. There are many gaps in the claw vacuum pump, such as the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the gap between the rotor and the pump body, the gap between the rotor and the end cover, and the diaphragm. Each gap is independent. As long as there is any gap in the problem, the pump can not work normally. The screw vacuum pump only has the clearance between the exhaust end and the rotor to determine the working performance. The clearance between the rotor and the rotor is interrelated and the operation reliability is very high.

Difference between dry screw vacuum pump and claw vacuum pump

Maintenance differences

1, dismantling

The disassembly of claw vacuum pump is difficult: due to the multi-stage structure, all disassembly should be divided into multi-stage decomposition. The disassembly of rotor is a real difficulty, and the accuracy will be reduced in different degrees each time. Even simple cleaning requires disassembly and reassembly.

The dry screw vacuum pump is easy to disassemble: to disassemble the screw pump, you only need to remove the rear cover bearing and extract the rotor from the front end, which is very simple. If it is only cleaning and disassembly, only put the rotor back into the pump body after cleaning, without any adjustment.

2. installation

It is difficult to install the claw vacuum pump assembly: when installing the claw pump, the fourth stage rotor should control 8 gaps on the end face of the rotor, and the gap between the rotor and the rotor is 8. If any gap adjustment is not good, it should be reworked. If the rotor is to be installed on the shaft, it must also hit the rotor, which is easy to damage the parts. The dry screw vacuum pump is easy to assemble: when assembling the screw pump, the clearance between the screw and the exhaust wall, as well as the clearance, can only be controlled between the exhaust end faces.

The above is the comparison of advantages and disadvantages between dry screw vacuum pump and claw vacuum pump. We can choose a vacuum pump suitable for our industry according to the difference described above to prevent improper selection, affect the use effect and waste the cost.

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