Vacuum pneumatic conveying system

What is vacuum pneumatic conveying system

The granular materials are transported along the air flow direction in the closed pipeline by using the air flow generated during the operation of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, roots (side flow) fan or dry claw pump. It is widely used in milk powder, rubber and plastic fields.

The pneumatic conveying system has been used in many projects. Today, I will sort out the knowledge about the effect assurance of the pneumatic conveying system, hoping to help you:

The low vacuum suction operation system has the advantages of simple machine and equipment, simple application and maintenance, mainly used for several feeding to one pneumatic conveying, no dust flying at the suction point, and no dust emission at the places where the pipeline and machine equipment are not tight.

But its pneumatic conveying distance is short, and its production efficiency (conveying capacity) is relatively low. In order to increase the pneumatic conveying distance and production efficiency, a high vacuum suction operation system can also be used.

vacuum pneumatic conveying system

Is the actual effect of pneumatic conveying application good? The key is that we use roots blower of low-pressure pneumatic conveyor as the core machine and equipment to form pneumatic conveying. The key is that the customer should show: the standard air supply of the operating system, the distance of pneumatic conveying, or the physical and chemical specifications of raw materials, high ambient temperature and normal ambient temperature. If the boiler is under the dust remover, the basic parameters such as the ash hopper layout and ash quantity distribution of the dust remover should be shown.

Then, the technical personnel shall first determine the basic scheme of pneumatic conveying, such as the required air volume, how to group, the model of continuous pump, the configuration of air inlet and conveying pipeline, and the configuration of dust remover on the top of the warehouse, which shall be finally reviewed and determined by the customer.

Compared with mechanical pneumatic conveying, the energy consumption of this method is larger, the particles of pneumatic conveying are easy to be damaged, and the machinery and equipment are easy to be corroded. Raw materials with high moisture content, adhesiveness or easy to generate static electricity when moving at high speed are not suitable for pneumatic conveying. The main characteristics of pneumatic conveying are large air supply, long distance between pneumatic conveying and high speed of pneumatic conveying; it can load materials in one place and then transport them in multiple places.

The negative pressure pneumatic conveying is a kind of positive pressure and negative pressure pneumatic conveying which is commonly used in industry. Its pneumatic conveying process is carried out in the fully closed state, so the air conveyor has little pollution to the environment.

Moreover, the investment cost of machinery and equipment is low, the structure of the negative pressure pneumatic conveying material seal pump is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, the pneumatic conveying pipeline is also simple and easy to install, and the civil construction investment is very small, especially in the project of replacing the screw pump with material seal pump, in addition to the material cost of making a small part of the material seal pump, there is no need to increase any other cost. In addition, the maintenance work of the negative pressure pneumatic conveying material seal pump in the operation process is very small. Generally, only the nozzle and discharge diffusion pipe are replaced, and occasionally the sealing packing of the intake pipe needs to be replaced.

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