liquid ring vacuum pump

EVP is the world‘s leading liquid ring vacuum pump, liquid ring compressor technology and dry vacuum pump. liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressor technology and dry vacuum pumps provide reliable, trouble-free operation for many industries and applications.

EVP has been providing water pumps for various types of power stations for decades. These include fossil fuel power plants, combined cycle power plants, spent fuel power plants and nuclear power plants, ranging from small facilities producing only a few megawatts to large plants with output of up to 1.2GW.

Our pumps, sludge mixers and power plant services include:

Boiler Feed Pump and Booster Pump with 160 Bar Pressure
The flow rate of cooling is up to 80,000 m3/ h.

Pump-assisted pumps for various applications serve all pumps in power plants and provide spare parts for all pump types.

For more than 80 years, Sterling EVP has maintained its position as the leading supplier of liquid ring vacuum pumps, widely used in a variety of processes and related markets.Maintain close contact with customers to ensure that product development meets market demand. This benefits from investments in “state-of-the-art“ manufacturing to promote consistent quality, competitive delivery times and ensure competitive prices.

Liquid ring vacuum pump image shows:

This is the introduction of quadruple pump. Next, we will introduce our EVP vacuum pump.

Our best-selling liquid ring vacuum pump:

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a piston pump with simple structure and strong structure and has the following characteristics:

Since almost isothermal compression no oil pollution, because in the working chamber without lubrication deal with almost all of the gas and steam, a small amount of liquid entrainment can handle, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, low noise, almost no vibration wide selection material, thus is suitable for almost all parts of the shaft out of touch with medium to prevent cavitation as standard drainage combined with central drainage combined with dirt not rotating parts of metal in contact with liquid ring vacuum pumps LEM/LEL is a single stage.

Liquid ring vacuum pump applications:

Handle and discharge dry and humid gases; the entrained liquid can be handled during normal operation.These pumps are suitable for all areas where 33 to 900 mbar pressure must be generated through a solid vacuum pump.

During operation, the pump must continuously supply the service liquid, usually water, in order to eliminate the heat generated by the gas compression and replenish the liquid ring, as part of the liquid leaves the pump with the gas.The liquid can be separated from the gas in a liquid separator.The working fluid can be reused.If desired, the pump is equipped with a device through which the contaminated working fluid is continuously discharged during operation.When viewed from the drive on the pump, the direction of rotation is clockwise.

Liquid ring vacuum pump image shows:

Liquid ring vacuum pump

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