Liquid ring vacuum pump made of titanium

Titanium vacuum pump advantages:
Vacuum pump has high performance-price ratio. Titanium material has the advantages of high melting point and corrosion resistance.
Titanium vacuum pump is made of Titanium or Titanium alloy at the joints of flow components, impellers and packing seals, taking advantage of the advantages of corrosion resistance, low specific gravity, high strength and high and low temperature comprehensive mechanical properties of Titanium and Titanium alloys. Titanium Vacuum Pump Advantage: It has excellent corrosion resistance, and can resist the corrosion of most organic acids, inorganic acids, organic compounds and alkali and salt solutions. It is suitable for transporting solid particles, easy crystallization media, especially for long-term operation, and improves the economy. To overcome the shortcomings of packing and mechanical seal, it has the advantages of simple structure and reliable sealing. It also fundamentally solves the problem of easy wear of the sleeve and packing of packing seal. At present, it is widely used in alkali making, salt making, metallurgical mines, petrochemical industry and other fields.Extraction of Titanium Material
At present, the application of titanium is only a good beginning, and the future of titanium metal is immense, so titanium has been awarded the title of “Metal of the 21st Century”. For example, how to extract titanium from grinding wheel ash. The main component of the grinding wheel is quartz, which is what we call silica, which is chemically stable and does not react with most acids and bases. Melting point 1700 degrees.
Titanium also does not react with most acids and bases at room temperature. Melting point 1700 degrees.
Chemical separation: hydrogen fluoride gas. Hydrogen fluoride gas can react with silicon dioxide at room temperature to form gaseous silicon tetrafluoride, while titanium does not react.
Physical separation: the density of silica is 2.2-2.66, and the density of States is 4.54. Therefore, we can separate titanium and silica by using a liquid with a density of about 3.
Characteristics and Application of Titanium Materials
Titanium is a transition metal, which has been regarded as a rare metal for some time. Since the 1940s, titanium and its compounds have been widely used in aircraft, rockets, missiles, artificial satellites, spaceships, warships, military, medical and petrochemical industries. Titanium has the advantages of high melting point, high hardness, strong plasticity, low density and corrosion resistance. Titanium looks like steel and has silver gray light translation. The tensile strength of titanium alloy is 180 kg/mm3. Titanium is characterized by low density (4.51g/cm3), high hardness, high melting point (1675 C). High purity titanium has good plasticity, but becomes brittle and hard when impurities exist. Titanium does not react with chlorine, dilute sulfuric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid and nitric acid at room temperature, but can be eroded by hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and molten alkali. Titanium is easy to dissolve in H2SO4, and its most prominent performance is its strong corrosion resistance to seawater. Titanium accounts for about 0.42% of the total weight in the crust, ranking seventh in the world of metals, with more than 70 minerals containing titanium. At present, the use of titanium has developed rapidly and has been widely used in aircraft, rockets, missiles, satellites, spaceships, warships, military, light industry, chemical industry, textiles, textiles, etc. Medical and petrochemical fields.
For example, in the medical field: Titanium powder is a good fuel for rockets; Titanium corrosion resistance is 15 times stronger than stainless steel, and its service life is more than 10 times longer than stainless steel. The application of titanium in surgical operations is also fascinating. At present, surgical osteosynthesis is made of stainless steel. There is a disadvantage of using stainless steel. It is a very painful thing to take out the stainless steel sheet after the healing of the osteosynthesis. Otherwise, stainless steel will rust and cause harm to human body. If the artificial bone made of titanium is replaced, the technology of bone science and technology will be completely improved. Where the head is damaged, using titanium sheet and titanium screw, in a few months, the bone will regenerate in the holes and screw of the titanium sheet. New muscle fibers will be wrapped in the titanium sheet. The titanium skeleton is like a real bone, connected with the flesh, supporting and reinforcing. Therefore, titanium is praised as “biophilic metal”. Now it has been used in knee joint, shoulder joint, rib joint, skull, active heart valve, bone fixation clamp and so on.
Titanium materials have the advantages of high melting point and corrosion resistance.
1. Low density and high specific strength
2. Low modulus of elasticity
3. Low thermal conductivity
4. Tensile strength is close to yield strength.
5. Non-magnetic and non-toxic
6. Anti-Damping Performance
7. Heat Resistance
8. Low Temperature Resistance
9. Inhalation performance
10. Corrosion resistance

Liquid ring vacuum pump made of titanium

Why Choose Titanium Vacuum Pump

The advantage of titanium vacuum pump is that titanium vacuum pump is chosen because of the characteristics of titanium material. For example, the corrosion of vacuum pumps can be divided into two types: overall corrosion and local corrosion. The overall corrosion occurs uniformly on all surfaces of the equipment, while the local corrosion only occurs locally. Corrosion will not only cause economic losses of enterprises, but also endanger safety and environment, and increase the loss of natural resources.

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