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Quenching and tempering disposal, processing must be quality and so on, the pump shaft must have corrosive gas and liquid ring material, to use the corresponding corrosion resistance.

International similar product technology, research and development of energy-saving products. It is usually used for suction of non-solid particles, insoluble in water, non-corrosive gas, in order to form a vacuum and pressure in an airtight container. It is a scientific research achievement for many years to produce 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump and compressor after modifying the flow parts and combining with the experience

It shall be equal to the inlet diameter of the pump. In the installation of the measurement of the pumping rate, there are detailed rules in D(jb1875-73), and the pressure data are recorded in the ministry specifications for the construction size of the test cover and the inner diameter of the test cover. If pressure has change, should use the pressure in measurement process even value. Before the pressure reading on the vacuum gauge is stable for 3min

Ordinary structure of mechanical pump is not suitable for smoke contains a great deal of gases, water yan gas because water vapor will condense in the compression process, and because of pressure increase gradually to the compression chamber are reaching saturation vapor pressure when they are not only used as a diffusion pump or pump before condensation pump, also often used to reduced pressure cooling, drying, distillation process, etc.).

Screw dry vacuum unit brand, international similar product technology, the development of energy-saving products. It is usually used for suction of non-solid particles, insoluble in water, non-corrosive gas, in order to form a vacuum and pressure in an airtight container. 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump and compressor are produced on the basis of modified flow parts combined with experience.

Jzjs300-2.1 is more suitable. The selection of a larger pre-stage pump should be working at a higher pressure, the longer to and unit to the ability of strong pre-pumping than roots water ring vacuum unit system requirements if but save energy. You can do better

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Supplier

EVP vacuum equipment supplier is a key enterprise of pump research and manufacturing that integrates production vacuum equipment, application equipment and modern management methods. The main products are 2 bv, 2be1, 2be3, 2 sk, DLV, cl series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors, 2 sk series of two stage water ring pump – p1 — atmospheric jet pump unit, 2 x series rotary vane vacuum pumps, w, wy series of reciprocating vacuum pump, the products are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, medicine, food, sugar, electronics, metallurgy, ceramics, water, printing and dyeing, construction materials, molding machine, and other fields. In view of the characteristics of large water absorption in papermaking industry, the company has introduced foreign advanced technology and developed GLS series preflush steam separator and FPB series filtrate pump system, which has solved the problem of overloading vacuum pump caused by excessive water absorption in papermaking industry. In recent years, the enterprise has developed rapidly. The scientific and technological content of products has been continuously improved and the comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced. The company has strong technical force, complete testing means, excellent product quality and perfect service. The company takes the product quality as the lifeline, each product all passes the strict test, the product sells well all over the country.

EVP innovative products and technology to meet the diverse needs of customers.

EVP has a wide range of products and engineering systems, whether it is standard units in the general industry, or specialized engineering systems in the power industry, or more complex complex engineering systems in the chemical industry, no one is more professional and experienced than EVP. Relying on the successful application experience in various industries, EVP constantly optimizes the overall system solution.

As a global supplier in the vacuum/compression field, EVP’s innovative vacuum/compression system solutions penetrate into every corner of every industrial field, and can better reflect the high quality and excellent performance of products in the application of environmental hazards and harsh operating conditions. In response to the different application needs in various industrial fields, EVP has given full consideration to each design, and tailor-made innovative system solutions for various fields such as petrochemical/chemical, power, papermaking, environmental protection, coal and general industries to help customers realize the desire of greater interests.

In all applications, the EVP vacuum/compression system has the advantages of good reliability, high efficiency, low maintenance rate and long service life, ensuring the successful operation of the whole production process at low cost and reducing environmental pollution. At present, EVP vacuum/compression system in various industries thousands of installed performance has been around the world.

Speed drives development and innovation leads the future. High-quality products and innovative technology are the soul of a company’s long-term development. EVP has always been trusted by customers, largely due to its high quality, innovative products and technology.

“Promising the future with quality” is the core business philosophy of EVP. High-quality products and considerate services are the cornerstone of EVP’s success. Innovative thinking, continuous improvement, through the flexible customization of the overall system solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers in different markets, to win the customer’s continuous trust, business sustainable, long-term, healthy development.

Our experience in vacuum and compressor systems goes back over a hundred years. In short, we not only focus on the development of the company, we are also an expert in machinery and process. We are committed to product innovation, through the continuous launch of innovative products and technology upgrading, enhance brand competitiveness.

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