API 681 liquid ring vacuum pump

Due to its solid structure and mature operation principle, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer’s 2BE, 2BV and DVL liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used in the most demanding environments from food processing to petrochemical to construction.

Users can rely on pre-designed and fully assembled plug and play solutions in one or two phases in three different standard configurations.

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump

Plug and play module

We get rid of the trouble of choosing a vacuum system. All 2BV liquid ring vacuum pumps are supplied as pre fabricated plug and play modules for one pass, partial recirculation or full recovery mode. With the advantages of liquid ring technology, you can obtain the liquid ring module suitable for you while saving water and energy.

Water recovery module

Standard stainless steel wetted parts are provided regardless of the construction material of the vacuum pump.

Engineering system to meet your needs

For more complex requirements, our project team will develop customized unique engineering systems to meet your needs. Our liquid ring vacuum pump is the backbone of the multi-stage system, using the materials you choose to meet your specifications. With the help of our vacuum engineers, the possibilities are endless.

Customized solutions

For more complex projects, the EVP team will develop tailored systems to meet the unique needs of any customer. EVP experts can provide liquid ring packaging suitable for most process conditions, including special materials and multi-stage system design.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

The new 2BE series standard liquid ring vacuum packaging is very suitable for use in humid, dusty and dirty environments that are common in industrial processes. With a simple and easy to study design, these pumps can reliably provide vacuum for the entire industry, including food and beverage, dairy products, mining, chemical, petroleum, steel, cement, plastics, textile and food processing.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with a fixed vane impeller which is eccentrically located in a cylindrical shell. When the impeller rotates, the liquid (usually water) is thrown out under the action of centrifugal force, thus forming a liquid ring around the circumference of the shell, sealing the tip of the impeller, and forming an independent closed air chamber between each blade. Due to the eccentric position of the impeller, the volume of these chambers changes with the rotation of the shaft, thus having the function of absorbing and compressing process gas.

API 681 liquid ring vacuum pump can be used in single-stage and two-stage pumps. The single-stage liquid vacuum pump has been optimized for operation above 200 mbar (a), making it very suitable for filtration or wet conveying applications with an ultimate pressure of 30 mbar (a).

Our liquid ring vacuum pumps are available in the form of plug and play modules or engineering systems for complex tasks with multiple uses, suitable for one pass, partial recirculation or full recovery operations.

For some or all recovery systems, the components of the pump assembly are equipped with stainless steel wetted parts regardless of the pump construction material.

They are ideal solutions for periodic evacuation applications for evacuation, impregnation or sterilization. The DVL double stage liquid ring vacuum pump is a fine tuned machine dedicated to providing stable high performance at operating pressures below 200 mbar (a). Two synchronous pumping chambers work in series to achieve optimum performance in continuous critical process applications such as bottling, degassing and solvent recovery.

API 681 liquid ring vacuum pumps provide sustainable productivity in the worst environments, including:


Brick extrusion

Automobile industry

chemical industry

General manufacturing

Metal products industry

petroleum industry

textile industry


Mining and cement

Oil and gas

Paper and related products

Food and beverage processing

Electricity and utilities

Cement and related products

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