What vacuum pump is used in fertilizer industry

The use of vacuum pump in chemical fertilizer industry is also very extensive, especially in the production of phosphate fertilizer, which is also the key industry in China’s economic macro-control. Because the new projects and the technical transformation of old enterprises are above the level and scale, large and extra large water ring vacuum pump is also applied here. For example, a phosphate fertilizer enterprise in Yunnan Province will increase the air pumping capacity by 300m3 in one transformation Three super large water ring vacuum pumps per minute.

In addition, many phosphate fertilizer enterprises still need to have a large pumping capacity when the pressure is 80 ~ 100hPa, so the two-stage water ring vacuum pump and the two-stage water ring vacuum pump with air ejector have unique advantages when used in this condition. Many fertilizer enterprises have eliminated the reciprocating vacuum pump with large vibration noise and high vacuum degree, and used the two-stage water ring vacuum pump It can be said that the two-stage water ring vacuum pump will be more and more widely used in this industry.

At present, the domestic vacuum pump equipment is still mainly traditional vacuum pumps, mainly rotary vane vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, etc., and all of them are used in traditional industries. The vacuum pumps produced in China are more and more widely used in the electronic information industry, and the gap between China and Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries is narrowed.


Most of the dry pumps are used in laboratory, chemistry, medicine and other fields, and also in semiconductor industry. The rapid development of electronic information industry in China has a significant impact on the development of dry vacuum pump in China.

After the inspection of the whole vacuum pump, on the basis of increasing its continuous improvement in usability, we should show the useful promotion of the ability to complete the application of the products, strengthen the continuous improvement of the quality of the vacuum pump, with a strong production advantage, the development of the usability of the whole stock products, the different application level of the expansion, and the fast and stable operation, so as to increase the promotion of the products To further implement the full performance of all functions, to meet the different needs of the company, and to develop reasonable skills for the products.

The practice of using vacuum pump to develop advantages can accelerate the function of its continuous promotion, enhance the continuous development of production capacity, improve the development of all applicability with excellent skills, promote strict management of each process, increase the display of the practical role of product application, fully prove its development ability, constantly share the development process of its advantages and expand it The performance of its overall use value, with full production capacity to expand the useful assistance for production operation.

Each pump is used for different application.There are many types of vacuum pumps in the market useful in the application industries like Liquid Ring Vacuum Technology for paper and sugar mills, Single Cone for process Industries & Power Plants, Close Couple for Plastic Industries and Breweries bottling Plant also used in applications like sterilizers, extruder venting and calibration tables, evaporators and mixing. Two Stage for Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Process Industries, Twin Lobe Roots Blower and Chemical Process Pump for Cement, Fertilizer & Effluent Treatment. Based on better understanding, it’s usage in Industries and science, you can take maximum advantages in varieties of functionalities.

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