vacuum pump for methanol

In a vacuum most liquids will flash to vapor. The problem with this is keeping the material from going through the vacuum pump. The material, if methanol, could be dangerous if let to pass through a vacuum pump.

However if a liquid such as methanol was heated, and just enough vacuum applied to allow the methanol to vaporize, it could be condensed in a chiller type vessel before the vacuum pump.

What is methanol

Methanol (methanol, dried, CH3OH) is the simplest saturated monohydric alcohol. CAS number is 67-56-1, 170082-17-4, molecular weight is 32.04, boiling point is 64.7 C. Also known as “lignosol” or “xylin”. It’s a colorless, alcohol smelling, volatile liquid. The lowest dosage of poisoning is about 100 mg/kg body weight. Oral intake of 0.3-1 g/kg can cause death. It is used to produce formaldehyde and pesticides, and as extractant of organic substances and denaturant of alcohol. It is usually prepared by the reaction of carbon monoxide with hydrogen.


Methanol application:

1. One of the basic organic raw materials. Mainly used in the manufacture of formaldehyde, acetic acid, chloromethane, methylamine and dimethyl sulfate and other organic products;

2. Used as solvents for coatings, varnishes, shellac, ink, adhesives, dyes, alkaloids, cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral, etc.

3. It is the raw material for the manufacture of pesticides, medicines, plastics, synthetic fibers and organic chemical products such as formaldehyde, methylamine, chloromethane, dimethyl sulfate, etc. Others are used as automotive antifreeze, metal surface cleaner and alcohol denaturant, etc.

4. It is an important fuel, which can be blended with gasoline as an alternative fuel. Since the 1980s, methanol has been used to produce gasoline octane additives such as methyl tert-butyl ether, methanol gasoline, methanol fuel, and methanol protein, which greatly promotes the development of methanol production and market needs.

5. Used as analytical reagent, such as solvent, methylation reagent and chromatographic analysis reagent. It is also used in organic synthesis.

6. Methanol is used as cleaning and degreasing agent. MOS level is mainly used for discrete devices, medium and large scale integrated circuits, and BV-III level is mainly used for VLSI process technology.

Methanol uses:

Methanol is widely used as a basic organic chemical raw material and high-quality fuel. Mainly used in fine chemicals, plastics and other fields, used to produce formaldehyde, acetic acid, chloromethane, methylammonia, thiodimethyl ester and other organic products, but also one of the important raw materials of pesticides, medicine. Methanol can be used as a new type of clean fuel after deep processing, and gasoline can also be added to combustion. Methanol reacts with ammonia to produce monomethylamine.

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