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The resistance vacuum gauge (also known as Pirani vacuum gauge) adopts the ZJ-52T resistance gauge with special stabilization treatment that our company has devoted to research; at the same time, the electronic parameters are carefully adjusted in conjunction with the characteristics of the resistance gauge, and the advanced constant power is used to set the temperature Technology, as well as the nonlinear linearization processing technology of the microprocessor to the regulation. Based on this, the vacuum gauge series has the characteristics of super stability, wide effective measurement range, extremely fast response speed, small zero/full-scale drift and so on. In order to adapt to the vacuum equipment automation technology, it also integrates powerful relay contact control, serial communication, vacuum analog and other expansion functions. Especially suitable for rough and low vacuum measurement and control of vacuum application equipment.

Performance characteristics:

1. LED green screen digital display

2.Wide measuring range

3.Fast response speed

4.The microprocessor corrects the regulation nonlinearity, reducing the measurement error

5.Photoelectric isolation and digital filtering enhance the anti-interference ability

6.Point control or regional relay control output, control point has power-off protection memory function

7.PVC color panel, beautiful appearance


Technical parameters:

1. Equipped with regulation: ZJ-52T resistance gauge

2.Measuring range: 1×10 5 ~1×10 -1 Pa

3. Measuring channels: 1 channel

4. Number of control channels: 2 channels can be expanded to 4 or 8 channels

5. Control range: 5×10 3 ~5×10 -1 Pa

6.Control mode: relay contact output, load capacity AC220V/3A (or DC28V/3A) non-inductive load

7. Power supply: 90-260V/50Hz or 220V ± 10% 50Hz

8.Power consumption: 20W

9. Weight: 4Kg/3Kg/0.5Kg (depending on chassis size)

10.Chassis size: 96 × 96 × 120 or 240 × 88 × 280 or 480 × 88 × 280 or
265 × 119 × 280 or 480 × 119 × 280 (width × height × depth)

Optional expansion functions and options:

1.Optional function: 0~5/10V /10mV, 0/4~10/20mA and other vacuum degree analog output

2.Optional function: printer and interface

3.Optional function: RS232, RS485 and other unidirectional or bidirectional interface output

4.Regulatory interface options: DN16/25/35CF; DN10/16/25/40KF; NPT; VCR; G pipe thread and other different interfaces

5.Line length option: 3m/5m/10m/15m/20m/25m/30m…** up to 100m


1. Effective measuring range of the instrument: 3 ×10 3 ~5 ×10 -1 Pa
The measured values ​​of 1 × 10 5 to 3 × 10 3 Pa and 5 × 10 -1 to 1 × 10 -1 Pa are for reference only.

2. The measured value (the value calibrated with dry air or nitrogen) is related to the gas composition. If you need to measure the vacuum of a special gas, you should use other corresponding models of vacuum gauges.

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