dry screw vacuum pump oil vapor recovery

The dry screw vacuum pump is a key equipment in the gasoline vapor recovery device. The extracted gas is gasoline vapor which is easy to volatilize, and the main components are C4, C5, C6 and other gasoline vapor.

Dry screw vacuum pump for oil and gas recovery: hydrocarbon vapor recovery system is based on the adsorption process of activated carbon. Saturated carbon is regenerated by vacuum.

The regeneration of activated carbon is completed by using our reliable dry screw vacuum pump. This dry technology is better than liquid ring vacuum pump using glycol as sealant. The dry screw vacuum pump overcomes the corrosion and corrosion problems related to the use of liquid ring vacuum pump.

Another attractive feature of dry screw vacuum pump is that the energy consumption is reduced by 40%. Since the dry screw pump is equipped with a variable frequency drive and has feedback from the vacuum transmitter, the capacity of the pump can be accurately controlled according to different requirements of the steam recovery system. This further reduces the overall energy consumption. The hydrocarbon load on the activated carbon is also more balanced, which reduces the risk of hot spots.


In the oil vapor recovery process of screw vacuum pump, the condensed gasoline will accumulate at the exhaust port of the pump, which will cause abnormal vibration and noise of the pump, so it must be discharged in time, so the following three improvement measures can be taken.

1: the exhaust pipe of the pump inclines downward, and the position of the exhaust pipe is lower than the position of the exhaust port of the pump

2: install a circulating pump at the lowest position of the exhaust port or muffler of the pump to eliminate liquid accumulation

3: install a check valve at the exhaust port of the pump to prevent the condensate from flowing into the pump cavity due to siphonage when the pump is stopped

The dry screw vacuum pump is completely made of nodular cast iron. Internal parts are coated with PTFE. The bearings at the drive end are oil lubricated. The intermediate chamber between the pump section and the bearing prevents any contact of the lubricant with the process fluid. The pump has a C flange to simplify installation and reduce the required space. The newly designed screw rotor has higher efficiency.

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