dry screw vacuum pump in endone recovery

Due to the improvement of the production process of vitamin B12, after adopting the new technology of dry screw vacuum pump, the yield is gradually increased, and the yield is also beginning to increase significantly. With the development of pharmaceutical industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The quality of products and production costs determine the survival of enterprises. In the manufacturing process of drugs and intermediates, the requirements for clean vacuum environment are higher and higher, and the cost control is more and more strict. It is necessary to ensure an energy-saving and environmental protection production process. In addition, taking vitamin B12 has certain effect on people’s health. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the production of vitamin B12 without pollution. This paper mainly analyzes the advantages of the practical application of dry screw vacuum pump in the production process of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin. In nature, vitamin B12 is synthesized by microorganisms. Higher animals and plants cannot produce vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that needs the help of an intestinal secretion (endogenous factor) to be absorbed. Some people suffer from pernicious anemia even if they have sufficient sources in their diet due to their gastrointestinal abnormalities and lack of such endogenous factors. There is basically no vitamin B12 in plant food. It stays in the gut for a long time and takes about three hours (most water-soluble vitamins take only a few seconds) to be absorbed. The main physiological function of vitamin B12 is to participate in the production of bone marrow red blood cells, prevent pernicious anemia, and prevent brain nerves from being damaged.


Dry screw vacuum pump has the following advantages:

1. The dry screw vacuum pump has compact structure, large pumping speed, high vacuum degree and can be directly discharged into the atmosphere. The working parts have long service life without friction, strong self-priming ability and no easily damaged parts, so they have long reliable operation life.

2. The flow of the fluid in the cavity of the dry screw vacuum pump is axial uniform, without vortex and agitation, so the balance inertia is good, the vibration is small, there is no pressure pulsation and noise, the work is stable and there is no unbalanced inertia force, and the machine can run stably and at high speed.

3. There is a small gap between the teeth of the rotor of the dry screw vacuum pump, so it can withstand the impact of fluid, and can pump out a variety of gases including dust, condensable steam, etc. In addition, the working chamber and rotor surface are provided with anti-corrosion coating, which can remove corrosive and harmful gases.

4. There is no medium in the working cavity of the dry screw vacuum pump, so the vacuum can be obtained. It is more convenient for the pumped gas to be discharged directly from the pump body for recovery, without polluting the water and without environmental protection pressure.

Application of dry screw vacuum pump in the drying process of vitamin B12 crystal:

Vitamin B12 has metal cobalt ions and many amide groups in its molecular structure. Its crystal is rod-shaped or needle shaped, and its hygroscopicity is strong. Therefore, it must use vacuum high temperature drying, so as to make its moisture meet customer requirements. The balance vacuum degree of traditional water ring vacuum pump can only reach 0.09 vacuum degree in its drying process, and the drying time of most batches of products is more than 7 hours, which not only consumes a lot of energy, but also degrades due to long-time heating during the drying process, which brings huge quality loss to the manufacturers. We use the dry screw vacuum pump to dry vitamin B12 in the drying process. It can reach a vacuum of 0.098, which can shorten the drying time from more than 8 hours to about 3 hours. After drying, the product quality is basically non degradation, which greatly reduces the damage of high temperature to vitamin B12.

In conclusion, the practical application of screw vacuum pump in the production process of vitamin B12 is very successful. It not only improves the recovery of internal ketone by nearly 30%, but also avoids the influence of drying process on product quality. The equipment can bring huge economic benefits to the production of similar products.

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