Vacuum pump unit in power plant

This paper introduces a method of using vacuum pump set in power plant. For steam turbine, vacuum has a direct impact on its operation economy. High vacuum, low exhaust steam pressure, low effective enthalpy, less heat taken away by circulating water, high efficiency of the unit. When the air leaks into the condenser, the vacuum degree decreases, the effective enthalpy decreases, and the heat taken away by the circulating water increases. Therefore, the vacuum pump unit is an important part of the turbine, its sealing directly affects the economy and safety of the whole equipment operation.

Therefore, the national electric power industry standard puts forward strict requirements for the vacuum pump unit. However, due to design, installation, operation and maintenance, many power plants have low vacuum during operation. The tightness of vacuum pump unit is reduced, which will also cause the deformation and vibration of exhaust cylinder. Air entering the condenser will also lead to unqualified oxygen content of condensate and corrosion of boiler and steam turbine equipment. In order to solve the above technical problems, a vacuum pump unit is set up in the power plant to increase the power generation, effectively reduce the coal consumption of the unit, achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, ensure the economic and safe operation of the unit, and ensure the leakage point after treatment, and strictly improve.

The vacuum pump unit is equipped with three 50% capacity water ring mechanical vacuum pumps to establish a certain degree of vacuum for the cylinder and condenser during startup, and continuously discharge the non condensing gas turbine in the steam pump unit to maintain the condensing water during normal operation. Vacuum of the equipment.


Why vacuum pump? There are the following factors:

1. The vacuum pump system saves energy, 110KW per hour, and about 400000 electric bills can be saved every year.

2. Compared with the original spare parts such as impeller and disc of vacuum pump, the replacement and maintenance cost of spare parts is about 200000;

3. Compared with the original vacuum pump, it can effectively improve the vacuum degree of the unit and reduce the coal consumption of power generation.

In addition, advantages of vacuum pump unit:

1. When a vacuum source is needed, the required vacuum degree can be achieved in a very short time.

2. The vacuum source is more stable and sufficient.

3. One system can be used for multiple workstations at the same time without affecting the operation between different units.

4. When the vacuum source stored in the pressure vessel is sufficient, the vacuum pump can stop working / rotating, extend the stay time of the pump, so as to reduce the loss of the pump, parts and oil, reduce the operation and maintenance costs, and reduce the noise in the workplace.

5. Easy to operate and master.

According to the application effect and benefit of the vacuum pump unit in the power plant, the energy saving of the original vacuum pump is 80%, which can effectively improve the vacuum degree of the condenser in summer (under the same working conditions) compared with the traditional water ring vacuum pump. In addition, vacuum pump unit manufacturers have shown that it has a wide range of applications, such as factory vacuum pump unit, CNC engraving machine, plastic machinery, printing, semiconductor application, binding machine, photographic plate making machine, vacuum packaging industry, space simulation, scientific research, hospital vacuum system, environmental protection industry, electronic industry, laboratory, plastic industry, vacuum processing and other industries.

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