2BE1 405 vacuum pump

2BE1405 vacuum pump and compressor is one of the most successful liquid ring vacuum pumps in the world. There are many models available. 2BE1405 vacuum pump covers a wide range of inhalation, vacuum and discharge pressure. The suction capacity is 100 to 2800 m_/ h and the vacuum is 33 mbar abs. The exhaust pressure is 3.5 bar abs. The series has passed ATEX certification and has been proven in many challenging applications. Vacuum pumps and compressors of 2BE1405 vacuum pumps are used in almost all industrial applications.

The mechanical efficiency of 2BE1405 vacuum pump is increased by 7%. The uniform flow of the equipment reduces the turbulence in the pump and leads to energy loss. Through a series of adjustments, the product can guide the liquid ring more evenly around the suction and compressed exhaust cycle.

2BE1405 Vacuum Pump Characteristics:

Technology: liquid ring

Lubrication: Lubrication

Series: single stage

Other features: air compressor


Minimum: 100m_/ h (3,531.47ft_/ h)

Maximum: 28,000 m_/ h (988,810.67 ft_/ h)

Limit vacuum:

Minimum: 0 mbar (0 psi)

Most: 33 mbar (0.48 psi)


2BE1405 Vacuum Pump Application:

2BE1 series products have a wide range of applications, such as condenser vacuum cleaning, desulfurization devices in fly ash treatment, acetylene and other inflammable and explosive special gases compression, ozone compression, pulp and paper, gas recovery, soil purification, disinfection, dehydration, filtration, extrusion/vacuum forming, impregnation, extraction, pressure swing adsorption decarbonization, hydrogen extraction, oxygen production, purification, etc.

We offer all kinds of 2BE1 vacuum pump models. The 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump is the most significant technological leap in many years, which can improve the efficiency of the pump by 7%, and the appearance of the pump has not changed significantly. Years of innovation. Experience unprecedented cost savings. Only EVP vacuum pump manufacturers. Learn more.

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