Dry screw vacuum pump in PV module lamination process of application

Dry screw vacuum pump provides vacuum technology for photovoltaic module lamination process, so as to meet the high standards of quality, efficiency and reliability in its production process.

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps were used in the initial production process of photovoltaic modules, but this led to a large number of maintenance operations and frequent maintenance requirements. All oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps need to be replaced once a week or every two weeks, and all kinds of pump filters need to be replaced in time. Moreover, the reliability of such vacuum pumps is relatively poor, which often leads to production shutdown and waste of raw materials. The annual maintenance and repair costs are high, and the loss caused by production shutdown is not included. To solve problems related to vacuum generation. Yazhreide Electromechanical Technology recommendations: the use of dry screw vacuum pump, its operation without the use of any working fluid.

dry scroll vacuum pump

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

The PV module lamination process is fully automated and all-weather and continuous production. The vacuum pump is used to extract air from the laminator, so that the photovoltaic modules are absolutely flat when laminated, and there is no air or gas inclusions. The overlap of such tight seams allows the layers of the assembly to bond tightly together at temperatures above 140 degrees Celsius to form an air seal. The higher the vacuum in the combination process, the better the quality of the photovoltaic modules and the longer the lifetime, because high vacuum prevents air and gas gaps between the layers. Screw vacuum pump technology can achieve a vacuum level of 0.15-0.4 millibars (15-40 Pa) in the laminator, far lower than the one millibars (100 Pa) vacuum level common in the PV module industry.

The screw vacuum pump has absolute reliability and continuous high pumping speed under low pressure. This technology not only brings higher quality, but also reduces operating costs by minimizing maintenance operations. Previous oil-lubricated vacuum pumps need to be replaced weekly with oil and filter elements, but now they only need to be maintained annually or even biennially. This is due to the design of the screw vacuum pump, which is tailored to the process and is completely free from the extra steam generated by the evaporation of vinyl acetate (EVA) foil during melting (the steam will mix with the air in the laminator). In oil-lubricated vacuum pumps, steam and vacuum pump oil condensation and degradation, resulting in the need for frequent replacement of pump oil and maintenance.

The screw vacuum pumps are designed by water-cooling and can be adapted to the lamination process by means of integrated temperature controllers. Thanks to dry (oil free) compression technology and anti particle and steam intrusion characteristics, high availability is achieved.

Dry screw vacuum pump makes the vacuum generation technology in lamination process reach the highest efficiency, economic efficiency and quality level.

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