2AV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The 2AV2 oil seal assembly provides reliable vacuum performance with a standard prefabricated system that USES oil instead of water as the seal fluid. The complete set of oil seal equipment is independent, without water and treatment costs, and can obtain higher vacuum than water. Built around a reliable 2AV2 liquid-ring vacuum pump, our 2AV2 oil seal system is designed for general industrial processes and is easy to scale to meet your growing needs.

Why do oil seals exceed conventional seals

One of the biggest features of liquid ring pump is that it can use a variety of different fluids as the sealing liquid. Advantages of an independent oil seal system over a traditional water seal system include:

Eliminate water and treatment costs
It can be installed in remote areas where there may be no water
Vacuum exceeds water seal
Easily replace the filter without breaking the pipe
The process gas can be prevented from condensing or dissolving

Simple solid construction
At the heart of the sealing system is the durable NASH fluid ring pump, known for its years of reliable service even in more demanding processes. The oil seal liquid ring system is more resistant to residue and wear and provides quiet operation. The seal has no lubrication, which means it can run for extremely long periods between oil changes, easily exceeding 10,000 hours without downtime. In addition to regular oil changes and filters, the system can run for years without regular maintenance.

Designed for industrial processes
Our oil seal system for general industrial processes is based on the 2AV2 liquid ring vacuum pump. These single-stage units have a capacity range of 95 to 340 ACFM (160 to 580 m3/h) for the extraction and pumping of all dry and wet gases, mainly chemical, food and beverage, and other general industrial processes of air and air/steam compounds.

Multifunctional design
Each individual system has all the components to meet your basic operational needs. We also provide a variety of optional control devices, including alarm switches, control panels and complete sets of explosion-proof equipment.

We can be customized to meet your specific needs of the system. The pump is only one moving part, no close contact between clearance or metal. This makes the oil seal liquid ring complete sets of equipment for rotary vane pump or the advantages of screw pump without its drawbacks.

Standardized solutions simplify installation
Simplify installation with a kit system from EVP. The prefabricated oil seal system is accompanied by all the necessary assembly components and piping. What you receive is a complete installable system.

Standardized solutions simplify installation
Fast delivery
Plug and play – connect to your process and provide electrical connections without the need for additional noise cancelling equipment

2AV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

2AV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

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