roots blower of price

How is the price of Roots blower affected?

At present, the price of Roots blower in the market is very confusing, leading buyers to focus on the “price” when purchasing Roots blowers, while ignoring the quality problems of the product itself and the later after-sales service problems.

roots blower of price

The factors that really affect the price of Roots blowers can be summarized in the following three aspects:

1.Sealing method: piston ring seal, mechanical seal, packing seal and labyrinth seal

The first three sealing methods are all used for the special gas conveyed by the blower. The price of the sealing method that needs to be selected in consideration of safety is much higher than that of conventional products; but the latter labyrinth seal is for conventional sewage treatment Roots blowers The sealing method of the Roots blower is realized by the oil slinger and the labyrinth piston ring seal with the neutral return hole, which ensures the purpose of clean oil-free transmission.

2.Material:stainless steel material and ordinary steel casting material

Stainless steel material is often used for sewage treatment, and its transport medium is corrosive strong acid or strong alkaline gas. This material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, thus ensuring the service life of the blower, and the price is naturally high; ordinary carbon Steel material is generally used for the conveying medium of air, which is not corrosive and will not directly affect the service life of sewage treatment. This kind of price will be lower than that of stainless steel.

How is the price of Roots blower affected?

3.Specific configuration: single oil tank or double oil tank

When the pressure of Roots blower exceeds 58.8Kpa, double oil tanks are needed to reduce the temperature to protect the bearing, otherwise, single oil tank is ok.

The above factors will directly affect the price of Roots blower. I hope that when you buy Roots blowers, you can take these factors into consideration to compare the situation of each manufacturer and screen, so as to select products with high cost performance.

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