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What is the demand for liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers in China

Vacuum pumps are widely used around us, and many industries love them. There are many types of vacuum pumps, such as liquid ring pumps, slide valve pumps, direct rotary vane pumps, roots pumps, and so on. The liquid ring vacuum pump is one of the topics we are going to talk about today, as one of the vacuum pumps, many people are concerned about is whether the liquid ring pump has advantages, its demand. So let’s see what the characteristics are, so you know what the quantity demanded is going to be.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump which makes the working room volume change periodically by rotating the bias impeller in the pump chamber. Its working room is composed of rotating liquid ring and impeller, and its structure and working principle are similar to that of liquid ring compressor. When working, the suction port is connected to the vacuum container. Here’s how it works.

China’s liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers in the petroleum, chemical, electricity, textile, paper, medicine and other fields have a large market.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for distillation recovery notes

The matters needing attention of liquid ring vacuum pump for distillation recovery include the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump, the size of reaction kettle, the size of cold ring vacuum pump, the size of condenser, the concave-convex heating temperature and the pressure of practical operation of liquid ring vacuum pump.

For example, a chemical plant needs to vacuum 7m3 echo kettle, and then recover ammonia and water vapor mixture namely ammonia, the recovery tank for 7m3, the heat exchanger area of 15㎡, the heating temperature is 60℃, the demand to choose what kind of vacuum pump capacity to reach the requirements in 4 hours to transpiration of 1-2 tons of material?

Primary demand admit material full steam pressure, let’s practice by looking at the data and theory, such as heating temperature at around 60 ℃, vacuum pumping up to 10000 pa demand (0.09 MPa) can be distilled out the supplies, and so response so choose liquid ring vacuum pump can be non-condensable gas will come out the most appropriate, then choose how much demand of liquid ring vacuum pump talents satisfied technical requirements and does not constitute a spoil?

As is known to all, in the process of distillation recovery of liquid ring vacuum pump should be based on the reaction kettle intrusive, recover the tank condenser intrusive concave and convex, heater temperature by a supply data of the reclaim tank condenser and the reaction kettle volume don’t surpass 8-9 m3, and transpiration needs 4 hours out 1 to 2 tons of materials, to be able to pick two be202 type liquid ring vacuum pump, pumping speed limit for 12-14 m3 / min), but the heat exchanger to cool down the temperature in the 20 ℃ about talent arrived in vacuum aspiration effect and make the whole process in the process of operation power.

Distillation recovery with liquid ring vacuum pump matters still have pipeline and tank air tightness, local atmospheric pressure and other factors, the above mentioned is the primary impact of distillation recovery process in some subelements.

China Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps manufacturer

China Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps manufacturer

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