Roots Oxidation Blower

Roots oxidation blower is a kind of blower equipment, which is mainly used in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pneumatic conveying and instruments. It has reliable performance, large volume utilization rate, high volume efficiency, compact structure, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and high-cost performance. Oxidation blower can be used for boiler combustion, return material, vacuum dehydration, blast air supply, welcome to contact roots oxidation blower.

Roots Oxidation Blower

Roots Oxidation Blower of Characteristics

Roots oxidation blower is mainly composed of casing, wallboard, impeller, inlet and outlet muffler, gear, bearing, seal, V-belt, coupling, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, elastic joint and other structures. For occasions with high noise requirements, inlet and outlet muffler or sound insulation room can be selected according to the noise requirements. The oxidation blower has the following characteristics:

The bloweris strong and durable. The impeller and shaft are processed in an integral structure. The impeller is not easy to wear and can operate continuously for a long time. The performance attenuation is small and the operation lasts for a long time.

The three lobesrotor structure is adopted for the fan, so the overall vibration of the fan is small and the noise is low.

It can be used to transport air and other neutral gases. The special anti-corrosion and explosion-proof type can also be used to transport gas, hydrogen and other flammable, explosive or corrosive gases.

High reliability, durability and long service life.

Roots Oxidation Blower of Principle

Roots Oxidation Blower of Principle

The roots oxidation blower has a pair of impellers. Under the rotation of the motor, a pair of impellers rotate in the reverse direction in the casing. When the impellers turn to the air inlet, a closed box is formed between the impellers and the casing. The impellers rotate back and forth, and the air in the closed box is compressed and discharged to the air outlet, and then transported to the bottom of the pool or the container by pipes. The operation is stable and reliable, It can be used in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pneumatic conveying, instrument and other industries, such as boiler combustion, material return, vacuum dehydration, air blowing, etc.

Roots Oxidation Blower of Model selection

When selecting the model of roots oxidation blower, we should make the following preparations

1.Understand the use of roots oxidation blower, especially to determine whether there are special circumstances, such as the transmission of flammable, explosive or corrosive gases, whether there are requirements for noise, and the power situation on site;

2.For high altitude areas, atmospheric pressure at altitude should be converted into standard atmospheric pressure for selection;

3.Determine the required air volume and pressure performance

Only when these conditions are determined, can we choose the appropriate specification and model of roots oxidation fan according to these factors.

Water treatment, used for water treatment plant purification and sediment mixing.

When the paper is fed to the printing press, the exhaust can be used for separation, alignment and distribution.

In order to optimize the electroplating quality (uniform coating) of electroplating bath, gas is transported in the electrolyte layer to make the cycle of electrodecomposition. At this time, it is used as the gas source.

Production line drying, used for small-scale production line drying.

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