dry vacuum pump unit

Dry vacuum pump unit series is a series of units selected for improving the pumping rate and vacuum degree on the basis of the dry pumps independently developed, produced and sold by our company. This series of units is composed of oil-free claw pump or oil-free screw pump and roots vacuum pump in series. It combines the advantages of the two pumps, compact structure and reliable operation. When the vacuum degree of dry vacuum pump is less than 5kpa, and then start roots vacuum pump, roots pump can give full play to the maximum pumping speed within this pressure range, and can increase the limit pressure by one to two orders of magnitude, providing users with a higher and more stable vacuum environment. At the same time, high purity secondary recovery of the solvent is carried out.

dry vacuum pump unit

The dry vacuum pump unit is used for: pharmaceutical intermediate production process, vacuum distillation, molecular distillation, vacuum drying and other applications rich in alcohol, gasoline, steam and other applications.

The following is a brief introduction to the knowledge of vacuum pump used in dry vacuum pump unit:

Dry vacuum pump and other vacuum pumps performance comparison between

vacuum pump used in dry vacuum pump unit

I believe that you have mastered a lot of knowledge about dry vacuum pump. Next, we will tell you about the performance comparison between dry vacuum pump and other vacuum pump. Please see the following description:

1. Vacuum degree: the limit vacuum degree of dry vacuum pump, claw type vacuum pump and oil-free scroll vacuum pump are very high, and the maximum limit vacuum can reach 1-2pa; the oil-free reciprocating vacuum pump is a coarse vacuum equipment with low limit vacuum, so it is necessary to cooperate with roots vacuum pump to improve the limit vacuum.

2. Pumping capacity: due to internal structure problems, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump has a small amount of pumping capacity, so it can only be used in the process of small air extraction; the dry vacuum pump has a complete range of models, which can be used in the process of large gas extraction, and can meet the needs of different customers with roots vacuum pump.

oil-free scroll vacuum pump

3. Stability: the dry vacuum pump has stable performance, low noise and low failure rate; the oil-free reciprocating vacuum pump has simple structure and high noise, which requires frequent replacement of sliding vane. Due to the complex assembly of claw type vacuum pump, the rotor and shaft are not integrated. In case of failure, all of them need to be disassembled and assembled again and again, so as to reduce the product performance and stability.

4. Special treatment: due to the flammable, explosive and corrosive gases contained in the process gas of chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the dry vacuum pump needs special treatment. The dry claw vacuum pump is difficult to be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the surface treatment is almost impossible between the separators.

dry claw vacuum pump

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