Oil-free vacuum pump for freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze dryer is made by vacuum drying principle, compact and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, automatic control, easy to operate; At the same heating temperature of materials, compared with conventional vacuum drying and oven, it has the advantages of fast drying speed (3~10 times shorter time) and low energy consumption (2~3 times lower). Wide drying temperature range (0℃ ~ 120℃ can be dry), can be in the low temperature range (0℃ ~ 50℃) for rapid drying; In the drying chamber, there is no oxygen in the vacuum. The drying quality is superior to that of freeze-dried materials. It can recycle the organic solvent, which is beneficial to reduce the production cost and environmental protection.

Vacuum freeze dryer
Made by vacuum freeze drying principle, compact and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, automatic control and easy operation.
Comprehensive function, no supporting facilities (steam boiler, cooling tower, etc.), connected to three phase electricity can work independently.
Unique design, very low energy consumption. Make it profitable to freeze dry materials at low prices.

Installation and preparation of vacuum freeze dryer

1. Vacuum pressure tube is used to connect the vacuum pump with the main machine. Standard fast clamp is adopted at both ends.
2. The cable at the upper left of the rear panel of the host provides power to the host, and connect the power line to the user’s electric power supply (380V, 50Hz). Connect the vacuum pump power connector to the “vacuum pump power” socket of the equipment. Note: the lyophilizer needs to be equipped with a separate air switch.
3. Please read the “operation manual” of the vacuum pump carefully, check the vacuum pump and confirm that the vacuum pump oil has been filled. Do not run without oil, and the oil surface shall not be lower than the middle line of the oil mirror.
4. The milky white sealing ring embedded in the plexiglass door shall be kept clean and evenly coated with vacuum grease before use.

Vacuum freeze dryer control system operation:
The control system of this machine adopts large screen touch screen, easy to operate, simple, and powerful, each screen can display rich data, all data intuitive and clear; 32 temperature control programs can be saved, each temperature control program can be set in 36 segments; Adopting the advanced fuzzy PLC control algorithm, the temperature control is precise and stable; In the process of temperature control, temperature control parameters can be modified at any time to determine the temperature control initial section, flexible operation; After starting the shelf temperature control, the system controls the temperature of the separator according to the preset parameters. The system adopts many stability measures, and the control system runs stably and reliably. The control system mainly includes the following display contents.

Vacuum pump used in vacuum freeze dryer.

Oil-free vacuum pump for freeze dryer

Oil-free vacuum pump

Oil-free vacuum pump features and USES:

Oil-free vacuum pump is a kind of oil-free lubricating air compressor improved by our company with reference to similar products abroad, with pure compressed air and large displacement. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise and small vibration. Therefore, it is suitable for the diffusion pump of the front pump, but also more suitable for precision equipment and laboratory use. For example: mass spectrometer, refrigerator assembly line, vacuum freeze dryer and so on.

Oil-free vacuum pump features:

1. Electromagnetic motor is adopted. The piston reciprocates in a straight line to generate compressed gas and discharge a large amount of air.

2. Oil-free lubrication design, purest compressed air.

3. Cylinder and piston are made of new wear-resistant materials, with long service life.

4. The shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy, with streamlined design, better heat dissipation effect.

5. Surface phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, uniform color, stronger adhesion product features.

6. Single pump head, vacuum degree up to -0.08mpa.

7. No oil, no maintenance, long service life.

Main technical parameters

Rated power supply: 220V/50Hz rated power: 60W

Maximum pressure: -0.08mpa maximum exhaust: 15L/min

It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and no pollution of the environment. Vacuum pump is durable, vacuum pump, compression dual-purpose, is a very wide range of applications to obtain the basic vacuum equipment.

Vacuum pump compact volume, easy to install, simple maintenance, easy to move, no oil smoke, no pollution of the environment, especially in the higher requirements of the laboratory better use. It is also one of the most frequently used equipment in the laboratory.

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