liquid ring vacuum pump for paper mill

We provide reliable vacuum pumps, compressors and engineering systems for the paper industry to remove water from paper and paper machines. Our reputation in the paper industry is well known and hard won. The reason is simple – our liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems have been proven to help your factory produce high quality paper at a lower cost.

liquid ring vacuum pump application

Vacuum pump can be used in metallurgy, electronic coating, papermaking, food, chemical industry and other industries. With the rapid growth of the production industry, the demand for vacuum pump equipment has increased accordingly.

Low technical requirements for vacuum pump

The liquid ring instrument is relatively less technical in operation. At the same time, it is the perfect equipment to provide highly reliable end transfer solutions in the field of manufacturing and processing. With this equipment, the processes including water extraction, water removal from pulp and more operations can be completed with low technical assistance.

Draw and transfer volumes

Vacuum technology is applied to transfer paper from forming department to pressing department. This procedure is useful in removing moisture from paper by mechanical means. When in stock or bulk, the material contains a mixture of moisture, chemicals, and other contaminants; it must be removed before shipping bulk for crushing. The liquid ring vacuum pump is designed to operate under the required conditions, and provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for this field.


liquid ring compressor design

The liquid ring compressor has an industry-specific lining lined with polybutadiene, which can prevent internal corrosion or erosion. The discharge configuration of the equipment can provide convenient operation through pipeline and discharge capacity. The machine model also minimizes the need for grooves and pressures for external sealed water sources. The operator will be able to handle the entire gap technology without changing the pump’s internal settings.

Diversion course

Fluid ring device is the economic choice of wet transfer. As this approach requires appropriate technical assistants, the fluid ring machine remains technically and technologically competitive. These instruments can provide simple and effective operation in the vacuum range. In addition, the same system can easily manage the gas and air flow functions of different industries.

Dehydration process

The liquid ring vacuum pump is used in the machine of dehydration process, through which the pulp is removed, and the liquid level is extracted by means of the equipment when pressing. The technology is also effectively used in the production of molded pulp components, which are then considered for the manufacture of cartons and packaging materials.

In many industrial activities, vacuum pump equipment has become a resource rich method. It is cost-effective, uses less complex methods, and remains flexible to the operator. For paper and pulp industry, it is helpful for moisture absorption in a relatively short time. Liquid ring vacuum pump is the most suitable vacuum pump equipment in paper mill.

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